Our Philosophy

Who is Hvitserk of Norway?

Who is Hvitserk of Norway?

Our Core Values

Hvitserk of Norway strives to show travelers the world of adventure off the beaten path. We want to encourage people to challenge themselves, get out of their comfort zones, and try something brilliant and new. Norway is an incredible country to explore: learning about our nature, sustainable infrastructure, Norwegian culture and philosophies such as Friluftsliv and Dugnad. Not only will our trips broaden your horizons intellectually, we also hope to broaden your personal perspectives, by showing you the world we know and love: the vast natural landscapes of Norway.

On trips with Hvitserk our number one priority is, simply, you. Safety is on top of the list at Hvitserk when considering joining our adventures. We hire guides that are competent, experienced, English-speaking, and fit Hvitserk’s core values:


  • Care for the environment

  • Knowledgeable and experienced

  • Love for nature and adventure

  • First aid trained

  • And, most importantly, kind, open-minded and flexible


Last, but most important, is our fundamental love for nature, culture, traveling, and adventure. Join a trip with us to experience Norway for yourself! The Hvitserk way. 

Hvitserk- Our Namesake

Where did the name Hvitserk come from? What is our company's history? Click here to read more.

The Cairn Foundation

Hvitserk of Norway has helped found a non-profit dedicated to helping mountains communities around the world. Read more here about our organization, and how you can contribute.

Roald Amundsen- Life and Legacy

Have you heard of The Heroic Age of Antarctic Exploration? Norwegians have. And we are proud to tell you more about it. Read here to learn about the life's work of Roald Amundsen- one of our heroes.