Why Choose Us?

The Hvitserk Experience

The Hvitserk Experience

Undoubtedly, there are many quality providers out there, and the question we get the most is – why should I choose Hvitserk for my Norwegian holiday? Our short answer to this is – The Hvitserk Experience.



Hvitserk is the name of Greenland's highest mountain. When the Vikings sailed from Iceland, the 3,693 meter high mountain on the east coast of Greenland was an important landmark. They did not see land until the white snowy mountain appeared as a "lighthouse" in the distance.  In the same way as the mountain Hvitserk served as a "lighthouse" 1,000 years ago, Hvitserk today would be a "lighthouse" for people with adventure in their blood. 

Our founders: Ulf Prytz, Sjur Mørdre, Lars Ebbesen and Martin Gudbrandsgård combined two companies to create Hvitserk as we know it today. Founded by passionate, exploratory, and unique characters, we hope to pass on their energy and spark into Hvitserk clients today.


Our office team and guides are handpicked, to ensure that we have local knowledge of all the destinations and cultures we visit. Simply put, our trips are a result of the places we love to visit, and activities that we love doing. 

The backbone of Hvitserk is our guides. Finding guides with the right diploma, who held the right courses, and right practical experience is a demanding task. However, for Hvitserk the soft –social skills, are as important as the hard ­­– practical skills. With their invaluable knowledge, our guides make us proud, and we are proud to have them representing us.           


Here at Hvitserk of Norway we believe in responsible travel and the Norwegian concept of "Dugnad" (contributing to a local or group cause without expecting anything in return). Giving back to our local communities is a paramount part of our culture, and we strive to conserve the environments we work in. Part of the Hvitserk experience is to educate travelers on how to explore thoughtfully, learn about local conservation, and consider impacts on the environments we’re observing. Hvitserk created The Carin Foundation and is partnered with the Adventure Travel Conservation Fund, Responsible Travel, and The Adventure Travel Trade Association. 


We are a small, local adventure travel company based in Oslo, Norway.  For us, a portfolio of authentic high-class trips is fundamental. We know Norway because our staff and guides are experts in Norwegian nature. To experience Norway in a meaningful and adventurous way, choosing Hvitserk will get you there. 


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