Many people dream about doing an Arctic skiing trip. Crossing the plateau of Finnmark is one of the most classic trips!

Each year people join us on our expeditions along the might plateau of Finnmark. Only two hours away from Oslo is the door to the Arctic parts of Norway. During three days, participants will have the opportunity to experience the beautiful nature. But, who are the people skiing the Arctic - and what is it like? 

Who are the people skiing the Arctic?

The people on our Arctic adventures are as varied as nature itself. Explorers, nature lovers, and people with an interest of fulfilling their Arctic dream. All hoping to end a perfect day of skiing with dancing northern lights. Some are skilled, others have less experience, and have to put in extra effort on before hand to reach their dream. What combine us is a lust and curiosity for the Arctic and the authentic stories within it. Staying in the traditional mountain lodges makes the trip doable for those who really want. One thing is for sure, those who long for the Arctic, know it. 

What is it like?

Northern Lights dancing in the sky, a ptarmigan or three, wisely covered in white from its predators. The nature in the Arctic is stunningly wild and immensely beautiful. Undoubtedly, skiing in the Arctic might be a cold and windy experience from time to time. But, when you reach the wildest parts, and perhaps the Aurora is dancing in the sky. There are few things in the world that are prettier. 

Contact us if you interested in skiing one of the most classical skiing trips in the Arctic. With decades of experience, we stand ready to answer all of the questions you might wonder about performing such a trip.