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Explore the UNESCO-listed fjord landscape, impressive waterfalls and fjord views, unforgettable hikes and one of the worlds most beautiful rail journeys on this four-day round trip.

This tour is uniquely tailored for guests' attending the Explorer Passage cruise. It is a four-day long tour in some of Norway's most beautiful fjord landscape. It is a guided tour, and we have a private coach that gives us the flexibility to visit the highlights of the region. 

On this tour, you will go hiking in the beautiful Utladalen valley. The path goes through a lush and green landscape, and will finally lead you to a farm at Alvdal. It is a place known for its beautiful waterfalls, and the traditional farm will be your accommodation for the night. 

The following day starts with a shorter hike down to our bus, and from here we drive to western areas of the Jotunheimen national park. Turtagrø is one of Norway's most famous mountain hotels, and you will have lunch in the beautiful high mountain landscape surrounding Turtagrø. These areas are primarily known for its mountain climbing possibilities, and some of Norway's tallest mountains are situated here. Norway's is known for its fjord landscape, and it is quite remarkable how short it is between the high mountains and deep fjords in Norway. Feigumfossene is the biggest waterfall in this area, and after lunch, we will hike up and have a look at the 218-meter tall waterfall. Your accommodation for the night is one of our favourites, the name of the place is Nes Gård, and here you will be served a three-course dinner in the evening. 

There are numerous lovely hikes around Nes Gård, and today we will visit the most spectacular of them all. Molden is the name of the mountain, and in clear weather, the view from the top is fantastic. Our packed lunch is enjoyed together on the mountaintop, and we will spend the evening at our closely located hotel. 

The fjords of Norway are also a spectacular experience from the water. On the last day, we will go for a fjord cruise in the UNESCO-listed Nærøyfjorden, and from the boat, you will have the possibility to witnessing some of the most popular regions Norway has to offer. This tour needs a proper end, and from the small village of Flåm, you will end your journey with one of the world's most beautiful train rides. 

DAY 1: A wild valley and impressive waterfalls

We leave the airport hotel by bus to the Fjord Norway-region.
You will visit the beautiful valley of Utladalen, and from Utladalen, we will hike to Avdal, an old farm situated on the hillsides (2 hours). In the valley, you will find some of the most impressive waterfalls in Norway, and the day is spent hiking and exploring the fairytale-like landscape. Our accommodation for the night is a cosy farmhouse – high above the valley and isolated from the rest of the world.

Accommodation Traditional farm Ascent 4-500m Distance 3km Meals LD Time 2 hrs hiking Transport 4 hrs

DAY 2: Exploring the fjords

After breakfast, it’s a one hour hike down to our transfer to the mountains and Turtagrø, one of the most important destinations for Norwegian hikers and climbers. Surrounded by the impressive Hurrungange Mountain range and Jotunheimen National Park. Lunch at the hotel – which has won prizes for its architecture.
After the lunch, we head down to the fjord and do a 1.5 hours hike to the foot of Feigumfossen, one of Norway's tallest waterfalls. During the same day, you will visit the Unesco-listed Urnes Stave church. After the visit to the impressive cultural heritage, we will head to our accommodation for the night. Nes Gård is a restored farm,  and one of our favourite places in Fjord Norway. Three-course dinner and overnight.

Accommodation Hotel Ascent 200m Distance 3km Meals BLD Descent 700m Time 3-4 hrs hiking Transport 3 hrs

DAY 3: Amazing view

The mountain Molden is often referred to as one of the most beautiful viewpoints in the Norwegian fjords, with a fantastic view of the surrounding mountains and fjords. The hike is around 4 hours in total – and worth it!

Accommodation Hotel Ascent 500m Distance 8km Meals BLD Descent 500m Time 4-5 hrs hiking Transport 1 hr

DAY 4: Fjord Cruise and the worlds most beautiful train ride

Fjord cruise on the Sognefjord and UNESCO-listed Nærøyfjorden, a narrow fjord surrounded by high mountains We are passing through the landscape that has been carved out by glaciers, watching the waterfalls dive off the steep mountainsides for around 2,5 hours on the way to Gudvangen. After a short transfer, we enter the famous Flåmsbanen; many people consider the historical train ride the most beautiful journey in the whole world. The train journey up the steep and spectacular Flamsdalen valley is one of Norway's most famous tourist attractions. At the top of the railway line, it's possible to board the Bergen Railway and take the train to Oslo or Bergen, 5 hours to Oslo, 2.5 hours to Bergen.
(The price includes train tickets – please let us know your final destination)

Transport &bus=`3 hr` &boat=`2,5 hrs`&meals=`B