We have asked our highly skilled guides in Hvitserk of Norway about tips for reaching Trolltunga!

We have asked our highly skilled guides in Hvitserk of Norway about how to reach Trolltunga. Some of them have undertaken big expeditions such as Mt. Everest, Arctic crossings of Spitsbergen and Greenland, Elbrus, Aconcagua, Kilimanjaro and many others. This is their tips! 

Photo: Andre Spicà


Do NOT underestimate the hike to Trolltunga. Use a guide in case you lack a substantial amount of experience from mountainous areas. One could think that these words are colored by my occupation. However, when I travel to unknown destinations for the first time I always use a guide myself. Why? I get to know the destination better, the local culture, history, get to meet new people, basically, it triples the experience I have when visiting new areas. It is cool to bring home pictures, but it is even cooler to back it up with a story representing it.


Make sure that you are well rested and prepared mentally. I don’t want to make hiking to Trolltunga sound like an expedition because that is far from reality. However, walking in mountain terrain for 10-12 hours are quite demanding for people who don’t have the time to trek all year around. Visualize yourself on the top, ask your guide for tips, and put up a big smile!


Know your boots. If you need to buy new ones, do it a month or two in advance and make sure that you don’t get blisters from them. Blister ruin your experience no matter what physical capacity you have. You can also use special types of tape to prevent your feet from blistering up! As always, the weather decides what type of clothing that you need. 

Photo: Andre Spicà


Speak, socialize and talk with your fellow hikers. Everyone knows that it can be slightly exhausting know and then, make fun of it and turn into a happy situation. Do you know a game or two that can be played just by talking? Perfect, this is the time to introduce the rest of your group! 


Have a couple of days available, and start early in the morning! The earlier you start, the more time you have to enjoy the trip. You will have the warmest part of the day at a higher altitude, it is fewer people on the mountain at that time, and you will get to see the beautiful changes during the day. Oh, and don't forget to have your camera ready!


Spend a day or two extra in the area of Odda. There are numerous opportunities for the curious nature lover. Glacier walking on Folgefonna, one of the largest glaciers in Norway. Actually, you can even downhill ski on the glacier in the middle of the summer! Sleep at the manor of Rosendal from 1665, the historical and cultural authentic accommodation is influenced by owners over 250 years. The charming place is preserved as a home, and you will find lovely hiking and walking trips just outside of the front door. In Hvitserk of Norway, we wish to show our visitors that Norway is more than spectacular nature.  Culture and history are equally important, and because of this we often use Rosendal as accommodation on our trips. 

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