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Haute Route Jotunheimen

Join us on a week-long randonee ski tour in the heart of Jotunheimen, perhaps Norway's best-known mountains. On the tour, we will make our way to some of the highest summits in Norway, and stay in cosy mountain cabins.

This route is in the process of establishing itself as Norway's answer to the Alps' best-known ski tour. The Adventure Tour starts at Gjendesheim in the southern part of Jotunheimen, and it takes us five days to cross the mountains to Krossbu. We stay in lovely cabins en route, where we are served delicious meals (three-course dinners) and sleep soundly.

Every day, we will make our way to at least one summit of 2,000 metres with spectacular views of the snow-covered Jotunheimen mountains. The tour has a few long legs, and we are even going to attempt Norway's highest mountain, Galdhøpiggen. This requires participants to be in good shape and to be competent and experienced skiers.

In 2018 it is possible to join us on a Adventure Tour starting 16th of March and on the 22nd of March. Depending on whats included, the price starts from around 14400 NOK (flights are not included, but all transport from Oslo and back is). Please send us an email at [email protected] if you want to know more.

Day 1: Arrival Oslo – to Jotunheimen

From Oslo or Oslo Airport (OSL), it takes around five hours to get to Gjendesheim, a lovely cabin run by the Norwegian Trekking Association on the fringe of the Jotunheimen mountains. At Gjendesheim, you will meet your guide who will talk you through the route and the plans for the following days.
Why not set aside one day for sightseeing in Oslo before the trip starts? We are happy to help you organise this.

Day 2: First day of skiing 

After a good breakfast at Gjendesheim, we get ready to finally start skiing through the Jotunheimen mountains, perhaps Norway's best-known mountains. This is also where the highest mountains in Norway are found. We do a long skiing trip on the first day of the trip, across Besshø and down to Memurubu. We follow the winter trail from Gjendesheim to Glitterheim to the eastern end of Bessvatn lake, and from there we follow the ridge up to Bukkehø and on to the top of Besshø (2,258 metres). The route we take down depends on the conditions. The day's leg: around 17 km, 1,258-metre ascent. Highest point: Besshø 2,258 metres.

Day 3: Memurubu - Glitterheim

This leg is relatively long, and we can make our way up several 2,000-metre summits if the weather is on our side. We follow the summer route across Raudhamarn to the top of Surtningssue (2,368 metres). From here, we follow the ridge north where we can ascend several 2,000-metre summits before ending up at Søre Veotinden. We have several options for making our way down, and one of them is to ski down the Styggehøbrean glacier down into the Veodalen valley and down to Glitterheim. In poor weather, we follow the path marked by wooden poles from Memurubu to Glitterheim. This is one of the toughest legs on the trip, where we climb several summits, and take our climbing skins on and off several times during the day.

The day's leg: around 19 km, 1,400-metre ascent. Highest point: Surtningssue: 2,368 metres.

Day 4: Glitterheim - Spiterstulen

We may be a bit tired today after yesterday's leg, so it's good we have a shorter leg ahead of us today. We ascend Glittertind (2,465 metres), Norway's second highest mountain. We go up the normal route to the top, where we are rewarded with fantastic views, and we can see, among other things, tomorrow's destination, Galdhøpiggen. We ski down to Spiterstulen, where we will spend the night.

The day's leg: around 15 km, 1,100-metre ascent. Highest point: Glittertind: 2,465 metres.

Day 5: Spiterstulen – Leirvassbu 

Today, we will make our way to the top of Norway's highest mountain! This is one of the longest legs on the trip, and we have a good, long day of skiing ahead of us. We follow the normal route up to Galdhøpiggen (2,469 metres). From the top, we ski down a south-facing gully due west of Keilhaustopp to the Svellnosbrean glacier, and we then make our way to Midtre Tverråtinden and down the south-facing gully of the Tverråbreen glacier. We then make our way up Bukkeholstinden, and ski down its south western face down the Søre Illåbrean glacier, and on down to Tverrbytende. We then make our way up Søre Tverrbottinden, and down the south face to Leirvatnet lake before we finally ski down to Leirvassbu. 

The day's leg: around 35 km, 1,800-metre ascent. Highest point: Galdhøpiggen: 2,469 metres.

Day 6: Leirvassbu – Krossbu

We wake up in fantastic Leirvassbu, where we can enjoy the view and get ready for the final leg of the trip. Our last, great trip is to the top of Storebjørn (2,222 metres). We follow the normal route from Leirvassbu up and on through Bjørnskaret ridge and down the Leirbrean glacier and on to Krossbu. Here, we are picked up by a minibus, which takes us back to Gjendesheim, where we eat a final dinner together and spend the night.

The day's leg: 14 km, 1,200-metre ascent. Highest point: Storebjørn: 2,222 metres.

Day 7: Back to Oslo – journey home

Transport from Gjendesheim to Oslo or Oslo Airport (OSL). We recommend that foreign groups spend a night or two in Oslo, the capital of Norway. The city has many interesting museums and attractions.