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Hiking adventure in Jotunheimen

Join us and experience Jotunheimen nationalpark in eastern Norway. It is easy to understand why this area have become popular destination for nature lovers all over. Jotunheimen has a magnificent scenery with breath-taking views from the summits.

On this adventure tour, you get to hike around Gjende, which is an area steeped in history. British lords came here in the 19th century to explore the wild landscape. Besseggen is one of Norway's most hiked mountains, and this is a hike you should definitely cross off your 'hikes to do' list. During the hike, you will have a fantastic view of the wild Jotunheimen mountains. In the steep sections, you will get a great sense of mastery. Besseggen has been an attractive hike for Norwegians and others for many years already. It is not a particularly difficult hike technically or physically, and we cannot wait to show you the stunning view on the ridge - this is a landscape full of contrasts!

The following day, we hike up Bukkelægret, which is sometimes referred to as Besseggen's little brother, but many people think that this is an even lovelier hike, as it is more lush and wild. Before we leave Gjende, we take a one-hour boat adventure tour on the green lake, which is fed by meltwater from the glaciers in the vicinity. We hike into the mountains towards mysterious Glitterheim before we head into Spiterstulen. Here we will hike up Norway's highest mountain – Galdhøpiggen (2,469 msl). Every evening, we stay in comfortable tourist cabins where we eat three-course meals prepared from local products from the areas around Jotunheimen. There is not much transport on this trip, you spend little time on buses and a lot of time in the mountains. We organise luggage transport on the first two days. If interested, this can also be organised for the other days at an additional cost. During the trip, we stay in pleasant mountain cabins set in beautiful, unspoilt landscapes.

The adventure tour starts in Oslo, so, if you have time, we recommend that you a set aside a few days for sightseeing before or after the tour. Please contact us if you want any tips on what hotels you should choose, and what things you should do while staying here!


Level 3 out of 5. Please read more about our level of difficulty here. 


Have a look at the full equipment list by clicking "Equipment list" in the menu above. 


We stay at mountain cabins with served food and reasonably good standards, in twin rooms. All meals are included as described in the day to day program. 


You need a travel and health insurance, that also include transportation back to your country. Remember to bring your insurance card/information. 


The guide speaks English.


We reserve the right to make changes to the program, and the price. The day to day program is indicative, and changes may occur. Please have a look at our terms and conditions


Minimum: 4 people; Maximum: 16 people.

WHAT'S INCLUDED?          

  • Professional nature guide 
  • Accommodation for 6 nights
  • Breakfast, packed lunch and dinner (as described in the day to day program). 
  • All local transport.


  • Transportation to the meeting point in Oslo.
  • Drinks and snacks.

Day 1: Oslo-Gjendesheim

We meet at Oslo Bus Terminal, and take the bus to Gjendesheim together in the early afternoon.   We eat a three-course dinner at Gjendesheim, and those who wish can have a taste of the local beer. We talk about the days ahead and the route for the first day's hiking before we retire for a good night's sleep.


Day 2: Besseggen

We eat an early breakfast, send our luggage with the boat and start the day's hike, which normally takes 7–8 hours. It is no coincidence that Besseggen is one of Norway's most popular hikes. The fantastic view across the wild Jotunheimen mountains and the steep sections that give hikers a great sense of mastery, combined with the fact that it is not a particularly difficult hike, are part of what makes it so popular. Standing on top of the ridge that we descend, you can see the green glacial lake Gjende on one side and the deep-blue Bessvatnet lake on the other – this a landscape full of contrasts! We come down to Memurubu cabin, which is set in an idyllic location by the lake. This is an old mountain pasture farm, which is now a popular mountain cabin. We eat a three-course dinner there and recharge our batteries for the next day.


Day 3: Bukkelægret – an extension of Besseggen

We eat a hearty breakfast, make a packed lunch and send our luggage with the boat to the next cabin. The day's hike takes 5–6 hours. Many people think the hike over Bukkelægret is every bit as lovely as Besseggen. There are some very steep sections on this hike, but there is a wire to hold on to. Bukkelægret is known for its rich fauna, so this is a lovely hike in lush landscape. When we get to Gjendebu, at the head of Gjende lake, we get our luggage and settle in before we eat a delicious three-course dinner and enjoy the view of the lake. 


Day 4: Hike from Memurubu to Glitterheim 

After breakfast, we take the boat back to Memurubu and head into the mountains towards Glitterheim. This hike takes us into the heart of Jotunheimen National Park, where we are surrounded by snow-capped mountains of 2,000 metres. We carry our own luggage now, so it's important to pack light. The hike gets off to a steep start and the route is fairly hilly. The hike takes about 8 hours. A three-course dinner awaits us at Glitterheim.


Day 5: Glittertind to Spiterstulen, possibility of hiking to the summit of Glittertind

We have two route choices today, we can either go over Glittertind, Norway's second highest summit, a lovely and relatively easy summit of 2,000 metres, but the overall hike will be long (around 9 hours). If our legs are tired or the weather is unfavourable, we can walk along the edge of the mountain. This alternative takes around 6 hours and is in easier terrain. At Spiterstulen, we will eat a three-course dinner and rest our feet before hiking up Norway's highest mountain, Galdhøpiggen, the following day.  


Day 6: Hike to Galdhøpiggen – Norway's highest mountain

After breakfast, we start the day by taking a bus up to Juvasshytta cabin. Here, we meet our glacier guide who will guide us across the Juvassbreen glacier. We hike for an hour to get to the glacier, where we put on the glacier equipment we all borrow. It takes around an hour to cross the glacier. After that, it takes an hour or two to hike to the summit (2,469 metres). From here, we can see 2/3 of Norway! There is a cabin on the summit, where we can buy snacks and drinks. The overall trip takes 6–7 hours. When we get back down to Juvasshytta cabin, a bus will be waiting to take us down to Elveseter.


Day 7: Scheduled bus service to Oslo

We eat a hearty breakfast and talk about everything we have experienced before we board the bus back to Oslo. The trip concludes when we arrive in Oslo in the early evening.


B = breakfast included
L = lunch included (normally you make your own lunchbox at the breakfast)
D = dinner included

Take a good look at this list, and make sure you bring with you everything you need. This list is intended to give you a guideline, so that we have everything we need on the trip, regardless of the weather. The weather in Norway in this period can be anything from a warm summer day to a cold day with snow in the air (not very likely, but can happen). We don’t want you to buy a lot of new stuff, so please bring what you have, or maybe you can borrow from someone. Bring as little as possible, you don’t have to dress up for anything on this trip.

Please contact us at [email protected] if you have any questions.


Preferably synthetic or wool.

Base Layer

Wool or synthetic, we recomend wool.


Bring a good Mid Layer.

Shell jacket

Gore-Tex or simular. The jackets must be wind proof, have a hood, and make sure you don’t get wet even if it rains all day. Also good ventilation under the arms.

Shell pants

Gore-Tex or simular. Pants with ventilation.

Hiking pants


Insulated jacket

Down or synthetic. To put on at the mountain tops, and in the evening.




Wool is the best, bring several pairs, fresh socks help reduce gall.


Bring a warm cap, and something to protect you from the sun is also smart.







Hiking shoes

Bring good hiking shoes that you have used before.


40-50 l (depending on how much you need to bring).

Hiking poles




Water bottle/camelbak



A small one.


And sunblock for your lips.

Insect repellent




First aid kit

Compeed, sports tape etc.


Remember a lot of free space on your memory card.

Toilet paper

For the hikes.




Remember new batteries.

Ear plugs



Chocolate, nuts or energy bars.