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Hiking the Lysefjord

Besides visiting the world-renowned Preikestolen (Pulpit Rock) and Kjerag Boulder, you will also given the opportunity to get off the beaten track and explore the much less known Hengjanenibbå (“Overhanging Rock Cliff”) and Flørli, the longest wooden stairway in the world (4.444 steps).

This is your opportunity to traverse the famous Lysefjord. We’ll split the 40 kilometer long trail in 4 stretches of approximately 10 kilometres each, while bridging a total ascent of 3.000 meters. Although this is not an easy hike, with general good health and condition as a prerequisite, we’ll take our time to enjoy the stunning views on the fjords, and surrounding mountains, cliffs and waterfalls. During the hike, we’ll spent two nights outdoors in tents, and one night in appartments at the former water power plant community of Flørli.

We’ll conclude our tour in Lysebotn village, at the very end of the fjord. After a refreshing night at cosy Hauane Bed & Breakfast, we’ll cross the fjord onces more. Travelling our way back to Stavanger by ferry, you can see the highlights from the hike and your achievements from a different perspective.

In 2017 we will have one or two fixed departures. The dates and price will be out soon. Please send an email to info@hvitserk.com if you are interested!

Included: 5 nights in twinrooms,  5 breakfasts, 4 lunches and 4 dinners. All local transfers/transport. English-speaking, experienced,local guide (with maximum 8 guests in the group).
Not incluced: International flights. Hotels and arrangements befor or after the trip (we would be happy to assist you with any bookings or information you need). Wine, beer and alcoholic drinks to the meals.
Please let us know if you want to stay in singelroom - then we will give you a price for the singleroom supplement. 



More difficult. The hike is suitable for people in very good condition, with previous hiking experience. Total distance: 40 km. Total ascent: 3.000 metres. Age limit: 16 years.


5 days. The hike takes 4 days, with approximately 10 km / 4 hours hiking per day. The 5th day is used to take the ferry through the Lysefjord, back to Stavanger.


Meet up and end location: Tourist Information Office in Stavanger.

What's included?          

  • Transportation from Stavanger to start of the hike.
  • Guide with navigation, safety and emergency equipment.
  • Breakfast and dinner every day. Accommodation in tents (2 nights), appartment (1 night in Flørli) and Bed&Breakfast (1 night).
  • Common camping equipment.
  • Transportation back to Stavanger by ferry.

What is not included?

  • Travel from your destination to Stavanger and back. 
  • Food and drinks not listed above.

What to bring?

Personal equipment like hiking shoes, clothes and outdoor sleeping equipment is not included. You have to bring your own lunch and snacks for every day. Preparation information and packing list will be sent to you by email. Please ask if you have any questions.


English, Norwegian, Dutch.

maximum Number of persons           

Max. 6 persons.

Day 1: Preikestolen/pulpit rock

Your guide will pick you up at the Tourist Information Office in Stavanger (8am) and drive you to Preikestolen Mountain Lodge, the start of the hike along the Lysefjord. Our first goal is the famous Preikestolen or Pulpit Rock, towering 604 meters above the fjord. While most tourists follow the main path, we will hike off the beaten track, on a to the crowds unknown trail, providing you with a different experience. After a lunch at the viewpoint, we leave the crowds behind. After two more hours, we’ll find a suitable spot for putting up our camp for the night.

Day 2: Hengjanenibbå/Overhanging Cliff Rock

After breaking up camp, we hike to the abandoned Hengjane farm near the Hengjanenibbå (“Overhanging Cliff Rock”). This rock formation has no signs or trails, garanteeing a tranquil experience at one of the most beautiful view points of the whole Lysefjord. From here, we can already see Lysebotn Village and the Kjerag Massif, 2 1/2 days of hiking away, at the end of the fjord. The views are just getting better when we continue our way over a mountain plateau, from where we can see both the east and west end of the fjord. We descent all the way down through wooded hillsides and along forest creeks to the fjord. A ferry service takes us to the water power plant of Flørli, where we stay the night in an appartment. You can spend the evening exploring Flørli Village and it’s special history.

Day 3: word’s largest wooden stairway

Thought you had seen all the highlights of the Lysefjord already? Think again. After breakfast, we are going to climb the world’s longest wooden stairway, counting 4.444 steps, following the old iron tubes the fed the power plant with falling water. You can count them all, or enjoy the gradual transition from fjord to mountain. Back on the top, we now follow the south side of the fjord. After a lunch and three more hours of hiking, we’ll find a  nice spot for a new camp, near one of the many mountain lakes.

Day 4: kjerag boulder

After breaking up camp, we have do to a bit more climbing. It’s all worth it, because today we are visiting the very Majesty of the Lysefjord: the Kjerag Boulder. Standing on the boulder – which hangs at an altitude of 984 meters –  is reserved for daredevils only. When we encounter the edge of the mountain plateau, panoramic views on the 42 long Lysefjord – flanked by 1000 meter high mountain walls – will unfold. If we are lucky, we’ll be able to see basejumpers – a legal sport in Norway. We’ll take it easy and enjoy a lunch and break at the boulder. The walk back to the parking lot takes approximately 2 hours. Here, civilisation is waiting for us. Meaning a good meal, shower, a good conversation and a soft bed. You couldn’t wish for a better destination of the hike: Hauane Bed & Breakfast is one of the most cosy and hospitable bed & breakfasts you’ll have ever visited, situated in the scenic Lyse Valley, just a few kilometres from the fjord.

Day 5: last day, farry on lysefjorden

Our host will wake us up early to provide us with a local breakfast and shuttle us to the quay. The morning ferry will take us back to Stavanger. Travelling through the Lysefjord one more time, you’ll be able to enjoy the highlights from the hike once more and see and your achievements from a different perspective.