Look no further, this is how you book!

Our "how to book" comes in two different versions. The first is suitable for those who know where to go, and the second for those who don’t. The pictures have nothing to do with the process really, except that they are taken on trips we have had, and that they are nice to look at. Enjoy!

Version 1 – I know where I want to go, what do I do now?

Booking & Payment

So you are ready to book, already? Lucky you! Most of us use hours on deciding where to go.

Now find your suitable date, book the trip, and then locate your VISA or Mastercard card when it is asked for. Note that we only support VISA or Mastercard, and since we need information of all guest, you need to do one payment at the time. 

Terms and conditions

Within the process, you will have the opportunity to read our terms and conditions.

This is our favorite part! However, if you don’t have the same urge for bureaucratic texts as we have. You are of course welcome to contact us with questions.


Find your VISA or MasterCard and look forward to a memorable, and perhaps life-changing experience. Do you get any error messages? VISA and MasterCard are the only payment cards that we support. Do also ensure with your bank that you do not have any region locks activated. We travel in small groups only, so you often need to be fast, as our trips get fully booked early!

You pay for the entire trip at once. If you cancel the trip more than 60 days before departure everything except 5000 NOK will be refunded,  and if you cancel 59-30 days before departure will be refunded with 50%. Cancellations less than 30 days before departure will not result in any refund.

Version 2 – I have troubles deciding on which trip is suitable for me, and where I want to go!

This is the hard part!  It is so much to choose from, are you getting tired of Googling and looking for information?

In case, feel free to contact us, about anything really. We will even answer what colour your shoelaces should have, to ensure that you will have a great holiday!


We have talked to people about hiking, skiing, and kayaking for more than 30 years, and have had thousands of people asking us questions, we love to answer yours!