Almost on the very top of Europe, you will find Norway. Wildly remote for most people, but, even though we are closer to the north pole than most other holiday destinations. We are actually easy to access!

Air: Our large cities and towns have airports catering for both international and domestic flights. For example, both Oslo and Bergen have airports who are perfect starting points for visiting our fjords, and other iconic destinations by railway or bus.

Railway: Trains in Norway are quite cheap, and the high standard makes it a comfortable way of travelling. You don’t have to worry about complicated booking platforms, contact us and we will book your tickets for you. From every large town in Norway, you have an extensive rail network linking Norway to the other Scandinavian countries and the rest of Europe.  

Bus: There are huge possibilities to travel in Norway by bus. Basically, buses drive through the entire country, and there will probably be a bus that can take you to were you want to go. 

No matter what your starting destination is, send an email to and we would love to help you with getting around in our beautiful country. All people joining our trips will be given an Oslo guide for their stay in Norway. It contains our insider tips for things to do and explore in our lovely green capital. The Oslo guide also has practical tips. For example, do you plan to reach Oslo from the airport Gardermoen? The train NSB is 2-3 minutes slower than the airport express, but it costs nearly 50% less than the airport express. You can use it both from the Oslo central station and from the airport.