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Kayak Tour in the Norwegian Fjords

Experience western Norway’s stunning landscape on this 6-day kayak Adventure Tour. We pitch our tents on beautiful camping sites, enjoy spectacular mountain hikes, and experience the dramatic Norwegian fjord landscape on the water.

On this kayak adventure tour in the Norwegian fjords, the feeling of being outdoors, of being part of a small team in great nature captures all your senses. While paddling, you are in the moment, you forget about time, all you think of is the here and now. The length of the daily stages, and the location where we pitch our tents depend on the weather and the group’s condition. We use double kayaks on this tour because it would be too hard for a single person to move a fully loaded kayak alone, especially when it is windy you appreciate having a second paddler on board. We travel through the western Norwegian cultural landscape. On our journey, we pass through untouched areas that are home to heritage landmarks. Now and then, we stop at historical locations to engage through learning.

The tour starts and ends in Flåm with its world-famous railway, the “Flåmsban”. This area is a must-see destination for cruise boat tourists who sail up and down the Norwegian coast each summer.

With Hvitserk you get a unique experience. Off the beaten track, far away from the crowds, we offer you an exceptional experience in this magical region. With us, you experience the silent Lustrafjord, before reaching the famous Nærøyfjorden, a UNESCO world heritage site. Over the course of six days, you paddle along and past six different fjords: Lustrafjord, Årdalsfjord, Lærdalsfjord, Sognefjord, Aurlandsfjord and Nærøyfjord.

On this tour, you can expect to see eagles, otters, seals, and maybe porpoises. Included in the price are all camping gear, kayak equipment and food (apart from breakfast on day 1, and dinner on day 6). All you need to bring along is warm clothing, rain gear, sleeping bag, sleeping pad, shoes for the mountain hikes and a small backpack. Remember to pack light, since everything needs to fit into the kayak. If you have baggage that you do not need during the kayak tour, it is no problem to store it at the base in Flåm.

If you have the time, we recommend that you plan an extra day in Oslo before or after the tour. Oslo is among Lonely Planet's top 10 cities on their Best in travel 2018 list

You can book the adventure tour in the menu to the right; please let us know if you have any questions. You can contact us at [email protected] 


Level 3 out of 5. Please read more about our level of difficulty here. You do not need any experience with kayaking. 


Have a look at the full equipment list by clicking "Equipment list" in the menu above. 


We stay in tents by the seaside. You can rent a sleeping bag and sleeping pad if you like. Please let us know in advance. 


You need a travel and health insurance, that also include transportation back to your country. Remember to bring your insurance card/information. 


The guide speaks English.


We reserve the right to make changes to the program, and the price. The day to day program is indicative, and changes may occur. Please have a look at our terms and conditions


Minimum: 4 people; Maximum: 8 people.

WHAT'S INCLUDED?          

  •  Professional nature guide.
  • Breakfast, packed lunch and dinner (as described in the day to day program). 
  • All paddling equipment and tents. 
  • Transport from Flam to the starting point and back to Flam on the last day.


  • Transportation to the meeting point in Flam.
  • Drinks and snacks.

You will have to arrive in beautiful Flam the day before the trip starts. Flam is easy to reach by train (we can assist you with booking the train ticket). The train ride from Oslo and Bergen ends with the stunning, famous Flamsban. The Flamsban railway is one of Europe's most famous (and steepest) railway lines. The train journey up and down the steep and spectacular Flam valley is one of Norway's most famous tourist attractions. Accommodation for the first night is not included, but we can help you with the booking.

Day 1: The Adventure Begins

The kayak tour starts at 8:30 on the beach in Flam. Here you will meet the other group members, and we go through the necessary equipment. There is also a brief safety course in which you learn the basic safety routines. After lunch, all equipment and the kayaks are made ready for transport to Marifjøra on the north side of Lustrafjord. Before we start paddling we hike to the top of Molden, from which you can see big parts of the area we travel in over the next days. In the evening, after a short first paddle tour, we establish our camp at a spot where there once used to be a farm. We have dinner in the camp and enjoy the view over the fjord.


Day 2: Stave Church and Crossing of the Fjord

We cross the Lustrafjord in the morning and take a stop at Urnes, where we visit the Urnes stave church. This church was built in 1135. It is Norway’s oldest stave church, and a UNESCO world heritage site. We probably have lunch here, before we continue paddling. We enjoy the wonderful fjord landscape of Lustrafjord, before setting up camp somewhere on the eastern shore of the fjord. On this day, we paddle in a smooth pace. You will find your rhythm, and get ready for the next day which is the longest on the trip.


Day 3: our longest day on the fjord

We start early in the morning after a good breakfast. On day 3, we cross Lustrafjord, reach Mannheller and paddle into a part of Sognefjord, Norway’s longest and deepest fjord. After a long and beautiful day, we set up camp and eat a well-deserved dinner. Sitting around the campfire we enjoy the long and bright summer evening.


Day 4: Paddling in the UNESCO world heritage fjord

Day four is an easier day. We cross Sognefjord and paddle into the Norwegian fjords Aurlandsfjord and Nærøyfjord. Nærøyfjord is a UNESCO world heritage site, and was used as an inspiration in the Disney film “Frost”. We camp at a spot from which we can easily set out for a mountain hike on the next day. There are many possible mountain tops to choose from. We will decide which one to climb regarding the weather and the group’s preference.


Day 5: Mountain Hike over the Fjord

We start the day with breakfast and a short paddle tour to the starting point of the hike. We eat the packed lunch on the top of the mountain while enjoying the fjord landscape. After the mountain hike, we paddle deeper into the Nærøyfjord valley and find a place to camp. We enjoy a good dinner, the last one on our trip, around the camp fire.


Day 6: A Spectacular finish

After having spent the night in Nærøyfjord we pack all equipment and paddle the last kilometres towards Gudvangen. The views get ever more dramatic as the Nærøyfjord narrows, and the steep mountains get closer and closer. The tour ends in Gudvangen at 16:30 latest. From Gudvangen we are picked up and transferred back to Flam.

The tour ends in time for the last connection with the Flam Railway to Oslo or Bergen. Flam Railway is one of Europe's most famous (and steepest) railway lines. The train journey up the steep and spectacular Flåm valley is one of Norway's most famous tourist attractions. At the top of the railway line, it’s possible to board the Bergen Railway and take the train to Oslo or Bergen (5 hours to Oslo, 2.5 hours to Bergen). We would be happy to assist you with booking the train ticket or hotels in Oslo or Bergen. 

Everybody who wishes to stay a night in Flam is invited to the last gathering in the local brewery “Ægir” (not included). We can also assist you with booking accommodation for this last night in Flam.


B = breakfast included
L = lunch included (normally you make your own lunchbox at the breakfast)
D = dinner included

Take a good look at this list, and make sure you bring with you everything you need. This list is intended to give you a guideline, so that we have everything we need on the trip, regardless of the weather. The weather in Norway in this period can be anything from a warm summer day to a cold day with snow in the air (not very likely, but can happen). We don’t want you to buy a lot of new stuff, so please bring what you have, or maybe you can borrow from someone. Bring as little as possible, you don’t have to dress up for anything on this trip and remember that everything has to fit in a small kayak. Please contact us at [email protected] you have any questions.


Preferably synthetic or wool.

Base Layer

Wool or synthetic, we recommend wool.


Bring a good Mid Layer.

Shell jacket

Gore-Tex or similar. The jackets must be windproof, have a hood, and make sure you don’t get wet even if it rains all day. Also good ventilation under the arms.

Shell pants

Gore-Tex or similar. Pants with ventilation.

Hiking pants 

Bring a pair you can use for both paddeling and hiking (quick dry material) 

Insulated jacket

Down or synthetic. To put on at the mountain tops, and in the evening.


 For the hike and at night

Bike gloves (optional)

For blister protection. Neopren gloves if you have and easily freeze. 


Wool is the best, bring several pairs.


Bring a warm cap, and something to protect you from the sun is also smart.




 Quick dry material




Preferably quick dry


 At least one in quick dry material

Wettable shoes

Sandals or crocs are OK

Hiking shoes

Bring good hiking shoes that you have used before.


20-30 l for the day of hiking.

Sleeping bag

Can be rented, must be pre-booked.

Sleeping pad

Can be rented, must be pre-booked.

Pillow case (optional)

Stuffed with a fleece jacket it makes a decent pillow

Dry bags

We recommend you to bring some dry bags. In the sizes small, medium and large. You will be able to borrow one 55liter dry bag, and you can also borrow plastic bags.



Water bottle/camelbak



A small one if you would like something warm to drink during the day.


And sunblock for your lips.

Insect repellent




First aid kit

Compeed, sports tape etc.


Remember to have a lot of free space on your memory card.




Remember new batteries.

Ear plugs



Chocolate, nuts or energy bars.

What we provide

Tents (double) and a big tent / tarpaulin (used for our meals and briefs)
You will be able to borrow one 55liter dry bag, and you can also borrow plastic bags.
All sea kayaking equipment
First-aid equipment
All meals, except breakfast first day and dinner last day.
All cooking equipment, utensils and cutlery
Soap for washing up