Leave No Trace

An internationally recognized set of 7 principles that help keep our environments healthy.

When spending a lot of time outside, its important to understand the environment in which youre traveling. Each destination, each eco-system, will have a different set of needs to keep that place healthy and happy. That is why here at Hvitserk we follow the 7 Principles of Leave No Trace (LNT). 

LNT is an organization that strives to educate instructors, guides, and recreationalists on how to best interact with the environments we work and play in. These are not a set of rules, they are guidelines, to help each of us think in a responsible, sustainable way about our surroundings.

All our trips have an environmental focus. Ranging from education from our guides, to how we set up the logistics of our trips. Flying a long way from home to reach our remote country, we have designed a few specific trips that embody our focus on sustainable travel within Norway, check them out using the links below:

5-Day Sailing on Svalbard

3-Day Sailing on Svalbard

Ski and Sail on Svalbard

Arctic Circle Adventure Week

Ski Expedition on Finnmarksvidda

Cross Country Ski From the Mountains to Oslo

We want to ensure the places we value remain intact and healthy for everyone! Follow LNT guidelines and we help contribute to safe, responsible travel. 

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