Level of difficulty on our adventure tours


All the Hvitserk tours are active holidays. This level indicator presupposes that you want to go on an active trip to Norway. Though you will have close contact with the Norwegian culture, the primary focus of the trip is doing activities. 

The scale takes these factors into consideration: physical level, terrain exposure, and the number of physically active hours each day. Tours at level 4 and 5 are often situated outside of the beaten track. Participants must, therefore, be prepared and used for technical hiking

Level 1

Even though it is are our least demanding tours, we guarantee that you can look forward to an eventful holiday with great cultural and nature experiences. A tour at this level have short activities each day and they will not be very challenging. The travellers will have plenty of time to enjoy the nature and destinations visited.


At this level, we will have to work a bit more on the experiences. Participants need an OK fitness level, but most importantly the will to explore. Together with your guide, you will experience enjoyment and mastery. Although there might be some hills to hike, we will have plenty of time to enjoy the view, breathe in the surroundings, and socialize in the group. Some might find parts of the tour challenging, but we believe that most nature enthusiast will manage trips at this level. The hikes last up to 5-6 hours per day in an easy pace, and we will hike no more than 1000 meters of elevation each day.


These tours require more of the participants. It will probably be a bit demanding to reach the destination, but if you like to exercise, or have been exercising prior to the departure, you will have life-long experience together with your fellow travellers. Each day we hike up to six to eight hours at an easy pace. It will be 1000-1200 meters of elevation at the most.


A trip at this level requires that you have prepared well and are ready for real challenges! The days can be long, and we will probably be hiking for more than 6
hours most days, the elevation can vary from 1000-2000 meters. Experienced hikers will have great experiences on tours at this level. Some might feel that parts of the trip are a bit tough; however, the reward is greater when you succeed.


This is our toughest level of adventure tours. You must work hard to reach the goal, they are both physically and mentally demanding, and require careful preparation and previous experience. On some trips, there might be a prerequisite that you have travelled with us before, and we often have training camps before the adventure starts. If you are dedicated, like tough challenges and are looking for a unique experience in the wilderness, these are the right challenges for you!