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What are the most famous Norwegian Fjords?

The Norwegian Fjords are a perfect starting point for all types of adventure activities, and many people ask what Norwegian Fjords that are most famous.

24 hours on adventure tour with Hvitserk in Norway

24 hours on an adventure with Hvitserk of Norway looks like this! With an excellent eye for details, our adventure tours are designed to ensure the best Norwegian adventure experience possible.

Things to do in Oslo - Hvitserk's guide to our lovely capital

Insider tips for things to do in Oslo: the capital of the happiest country in the world!

«It’s even better than the photos!»

There are so many highlights, and I know my words can’t match how I feel when I think about these moments, says Raman Pfaff from the US after joining three tours with Hvitserk of Norway in two years. Next year he is planning to join the fourth one.

12 favorite hikes in Norway

Hiking on glaciers, reaching mighty peaks and experiencing natural wonders are some of the tour favorites at the office of Hvitserk

10 things that characterize Norwegians

When visiting Norway for the first time, you will definitely come across certain objects, food, names, expressions that you will find a bit peculiar.

Welcome, Mari!

Early January 2018 Mari joined Hvitserk of Norway. Say hello to our new colleague!


We work as hard as we can to give our guests amazing experiences and memorable adventures. Last year one of our guests told us her face was hurting, since he had been smiling so much. Check out what they are saying about our trips!

Win a free trip

Now you got the chance to win an amazing week of adventure with Hvitserk of Norway!

Adventure holidays by the Norwegian fjords

Experience the Norwegian fjords on our adventure holidays!

Svalbard and Spitsbergen

Svalbard is famous for its natural wonders, interesting history and polar bears.

Hike to Kjerag

Mount Kjerag in Lysebotn is a beautiful destination both summer and wintertime!


Hike Trolltunga and experience the Norwegian culture and beautiful nature on our trips in Norway

Our favorite Norwegian playlist

Norwegian black metal and similar rock genres have been a big export for decades already. Since the beginning of 2000, a whole new variety of successful Norwegian artists have seen the light of day.

Ski touring in Norway

Whether you prefer alpine ski touring by the fjords, or adventurous ski touring in the mountains. Norway is the place to visit!

Hiking tours in Norway

Norway is one of the worlds best places for hiking and trekking. Explore the famous Trolltunga and Preikestolen, and numerous other beautiful hiking trips in Norway!

Where and how can I see the midnight sun?

Why does the sun shine during the midnight? How can I see the midnight sun? These are the top places to experience the midnight sun in all its glory!

Five tips for Troll's tongue (Trolltunga)

We have asked our highly skilled guides in Hvitserk of Norway about tips for reaching Trolltunga!


Donald Trump has made a historic mistake. To support American environmental organizations fighting against the US abandonment of the Paris Climate Agreement, we donate 200 USD for each American who from today sign up for our tours in Norway this summer.

Travelling alone

We always travel in small groups, and approximately half of our guests travel alone!

Norway, naturally

Want to know more about Norway? Here is a book you should read and a bit more information.

Norwegian Icons

Norway is a country widely known for its amazingly beautiful nature. Among the beauty, you will find some extraordinary stunning places. These are called the Norwegian Icons.

What is a fjord - and how to see the Norwegian fjord?

Activities offer visitors to experience the fjords in a dynamic and authentic way!

Why visit Norway? Friluftsliv!

What is Friluftsliv? It is fjords, mountains, and iconic viewpoints. Our appreciation for free nature, outdoor activities and beautiful scenery are so inbound that we have an own word for it!

KONKURRANSE: Årets mest uforståelige rutetabell

En ny turist-sommer står for døren, og denne sommeren deler turarrangørene Hvitserk of Norway og Up Norway ut prisen "Årets mest uforståelige rutetabell".