Our adventures

Experience the Arctic together with friends or family. Northern lights, native Sami people, reindeer, dogsledding, ice fishing, snowshoeing and sleeping in an Ice hotel are the awaiting experiences!

Do you dream of experiencing the Northern lights, meet and learn about the indigenous Sami people and experience reindeer in the Arctic regions? Since the release of the record-breaking movie Frost, people from all over the world have wanted social and fun experiences in the beautiful Arctic regions of Norway. Arctic are all about winter, and there are few other places in the world where you literally have the wild nature at your doorstep. 

Together with friends and family, you can during the daytime hike through the forest on snowshoes, light bonfires, and try to catch fish while ice-fishing. When the sun settles down it is time for hunting the northern lights. In comfortable cars, we drive through the desolated nature. Trying to catch a glimpse of the stunningly beautiful phenomena of northern lights. Remember to bring your camera, maybe next years Christmas cards have you and your family with Aurora Borealis in the background?

Some villages in the mountains of Arctic Norway are still more or less fully populated by the native Sami people. Those who want get to meet and learn about the native Sami people and learn how they through generations have adapted to harsh nature around them. It is for a reason the knowledge of the Sami people was priceless for the first Norwegian polar explorers.

Contact us for your tailored Arctic holiday, or any other questions regarding an Arctic visit. 


Most of the people joining our Arctic adventures like to stay one night in the spectacular Igloo/Ice hotel in Alta, and end their journey in the Sami village of Karasjok. As a general rule, Hvitserk of Norway strive to use a combination of authentic and modern accommodation suitable for people of ages. 


Both Norwegian and SAS have daily flights to Tromsø and Alta. Our office will help you with arranging logistics and bookings.


The guide speaks English.


You need a travel and health insurance, that also include transportation back to your country. Remember to bring your insurance card/information. 


Camera (SLR cameras are the best for northern lights) is essential for bringing your memories back home. You should bring warm clothing, you will need this on a daily basis. Remember to bring your own warm woolen or fleece underwear for the entire stay. 

*Extra warm clothing (included in the price) are given out for the various activities. 


The towns of Alta and Tromsø have various shops of every kind. Here you can buy everything from winter underwear, to souvenirs of every kind. 


The day-to-day program can be adjusted (less or more activities and days) to your preferences. 

DAY 1: From Oslo to the northern lights town

Arctic Norway are closer than you believe. Only two hours away from Oslo by plane, you will find Alta (20.000 citizens). Alta is the largest town in Norway's northernmost county Finnmark. The guide will pick you up on the airport and drive you to your accommodation. In this rural place, you  will be served dinner in modern facilities. After dinner we will prepare for the highlight of the evening. Together we check the weather forecast for the evening and night. With our car we have a huge distance we can travel within, and hopefully we will find the beautiful northern lights.

DAY 2: did you catch a char, or trout?

After a healthy breakfast we suite up, find our snowshoes and drive for the outskirts. You can feel the minus degrees tickling, but with our thick suits we keep the cold from disturbing our fishing adventure. For many years people in the Arctic have been fishing on the ice. In later years, it is most often done as an recreational activity. However, some still do it professionally, and today it is our turn to drill our way through the thick ice. Arctic char and Trout are the most sought for fish within the Arctic, and hopefully you will catch one! The guide will in the meanwhile lit up a bonfire, and of course you can join him and learn this important skill. 

In the evening we will stay the night in a spectacular place. Tucked in sleeping bags, with reindeer skin between our bodies and the ice. We will sleep in the exotic Ice/Igloo-hotel in Alta. The hotel itself is decorated with impressive art, and everything is of course made of ice.  In case you have been here before, you have never seen anything like it!

*You will have more than enough time to look for the northern lights this evening. Our office organize this for you today if interested

DAY 3: the funniest activity there is?

This is a bold statement, but we dare to say that after trying dogsledding it will be on your top three list of fun activities. Alta is first of all the northern lights town in Norway, but it could easily be named the dogsledding town as well. Each year they host the biggest dogsledding competition in the whole of Europe called Finnmarksløpet. Today you are the musher, and during the trip you will explore the forest, open landscapes and beside the river banks. The guests who join dogsledding will always meet dogs that are happy, satisfied and well trained. They will never be in doubt that the welfare of the dogs is the top priority. After dinner, we will drive to the Sami village of Karasjok.


Two and a half ours away from Alta, you will find the Sami village of Karasjok. Actually, it is the second biggest municipality in Norway. However, only 2700 citizens. It is an enormous area really, and outside of the little mountain village will stay the evening in authentic lodges. Maybe you want to try Cross-Country skiing? The uttermost popular activity in the whole of Norway! The parliament of the Sami are within Karasjok, and during our visit in Karasjok you will get to learn and meet with the indigenous people of Norway. As always, the meals are high class and representative for the area we are within. 

DAY 5: A baggage full of experiences

A couple of hours by car and two hours by plane later, you will be situated in Oslo. For those who are interested, we could always arrange a visit in the town of Alta before leaving. In the middle of the city you will find the northern lights cathedral,