Northern Norway

Northern Norway

Northern Norway is a true Norwegian experience: the ultimate destination for Northern Lights, Midnight Sun and dramatic mountains and fjords.

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Ski Touring in the Lyngen Alps

Join us for four fabulous days in the area many refer to as the very best place in our country for ski touring. Local guides will take us up the best mountains and down the best slopes.

Northern Norway Level 4

4 days

Next departure: 04/16/2020 From USD 1,650

5-Day Northern Lights and Winter Adventure in Lyngen

Do you want to gaze upon northern lights dancing in the pitch black sky? Or swing crampons and an ice ax deep into a frozen waterfall? What about a cross-country skiing course followed by a trip within remote mountains? Or dogsledding? This trip allow you to experience all of these activities, and some more!

Northern Norway Level 2

5 days

Next departure: 02/12/2020 From USD 2,104

Winter Adventure in Lofoten

Northern lights, Winter Kayaking, Arctic Swimming and Snowshoieng on this Arctic adventure will give you a glimpse into a hearty culture of Northern Norwegians as well as the experience of a lifetime!

Northern Norway Level 2

6 days

Next departure: 02/02/2020 From USD 2,203

Island Hopping in Northern Norway

This adventure takes you, by boat, to the most remote islands on the Helgeland Coast of Northern Norway. This tour involves travel by boat, hikes up beautiful mountains, and a sustainable focus by using local express boats as our means of transfer. The true beauty of this tour, is your connection and insight into local communities living on small islands off the coast.

Northern Norway Level 2

7 days

Next departure: 07/19/2020 From USD 2,214

Sailing and Beach-cleanup in Helgeland

Combine a sailing adventure on the Helgeland Coast with cleaning up our beautiful beaches. This trip involves fun and adventure, as well as lessons in how to sail, with education around threats to our oceans and group clean-ups of beautiful, remote beaches.

Northern Norway Level 1

8 days

Next departure: 06/26/2020 From USD 1,417

Northern Lights Winter Adventure Tour

Northern lights, Reindeer Sledding, Dog Sledding, and Ice Fishing on this Arctic adventure will give you a glimpse into a hearty culture of Northern Norwegians as well as the experience of a lifetime.

Northern Norway Level 1

3 days

Next departure: 02/21/2020 From USD 1,052

Hiking Lofoten: Land of the Midnight Sun

Lofoten is one of the most iconic, dramatic, and stunning locations in Norway. On this tour, you will hike to beautiful mountain vistas, stay in traditional fishing Rorbuers, and explore Lofoten's pristine beaches and ocean environments.

Northern Norway Level 3

8 days

Next departure: 06/21/2020 From USD 2,823

Hidden Lofoten: Hiking to the secrets of the Lofoten Islands

While exploring the most iconic areas of Lofoten, this adventure also takes you to hidden, secret vistas off the beaten track. While kayaking or hiking, you will experience the remote beauty of this dramatic archipelago.

Northern Norway Level 2

8 days

Next departure: 07/11/2020 From USD 3,156

Ski Expedition in Northern Norway

This ski expedition takes you across Finnmarksvidda, the remote and beautiful plateau of Northern Finnmark. Long ski days, northern lights, cozy cabins and a group feeling of success and hard work will make this the trip of a lifetime.

Northern Norway Level 4

4 days

Next departure: 02/20/2020 From USD 1,318