Norway is a country widely known for its amazingly beautiful nature. Among the beauty, you will find some extraordinary stunning places. These are called the Norwegian Icons.

Every year, people with mountain boots in their luggage, are attracted by the many beautiful treks in Norway. Hvitserk of Norway is the leading provider of expeditions and adventure travel in Norway, and have numerous guides with local knowledge spread around the country. Every summer, the tour operator has a huge variety of multi-day trips on their schedule. Some of the iconic destinations they visit are these:


In just a few years, Trolltunga have moved from being an unvisited and unknown viewpoint, to become one of Norway’s most photographed destinations. The rock formation has been nominated among the most beautiful viewpoints in the world by countless lists. Similar rankings have also named Trolltunga among the nicest spots for taking a selfie, and one of the worlds “hottest” hiking destinations. For inexperienced visitors, the trip is long and somewhat demanding – you must be physically prepared, and have the right equipment to visit Trolltunga!

Trolltunga by Andre Spicà

Trolltunga (The Troll tongue) Photo: Andre Spicà


The most visited natural attraction in Norway – when you get to see the view high above Lysefjorden, it is quite easy to understand why it has reached such popularity! It is far from being as demanding as Trolltunga, hence, it is a trip that most people can accomplish. A must see on your trip to Norway!

Preikestolen (Pulpit Rock) Photo: Andre Spicà


The best way to experience the amazing fjords of Norway is through activities. Wild nature is increasingly popular, and visitors interested in experiencing untouched nature can choose from a wide multitude of destinations. However, some destinations bring a little extra, such as Aurlandsdalen. With its steep walls and forested ground, it is a majestically looking valley. In short distance from the world-famous Flåmsbanen, and the UNESCO-listed Nærøyfjorden. During the easy six-hour trek, visitors of Aurlandsdalen will experience wild and untouched nature, as well as small historical farms.



Lofoten is a true paradise for hiking and trekking! At the very end of Lofoten, where nature is at its most powerful and mighty, you will find Reinefjorden. Our trip starts by boat in the fishing village Reine, we will go further in the fjord, and eventually pass on the outside of Moskenesøy. From here we will see Bunesstranda, the beach is frequently mentioned among Norway’s most beautiful beaches, and it is a true gem for the eye. Take off your shoes, close your eyes, walk barefooted out in the water, and you will get a feeling of being in the Pacific. But, when you open your eyes and look at the mountains, the ocean, the one wind-twisted house on the outermost part of the beach, you will soon realize that you are at a much prettier place.

Reine in Lofoten


There is something special with the tallest mountains! Galdhøpiggen stretches 2469 meters above sea-level, and the highest mountain in Norway has been a popular day-trip since the first ascent in 1850. In difference from most other mountains in Norway, you will find a kiosk on top of the popular peak. If you want to do as most other Norwegians, buy Solo (orange soda) and a Kvikk Lunsj (biscuit chocolate).

Many of the Norwegian icons can be experienced with Hvitserk, Norway’s leading provider of expeditions and adventure travels.