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Hiking on glaciers, reaching mighty peaks and experiencing natural wonders are some of the tour favorites at the office of Hvitserk



Glacier hiking is one of my favorite mountain activities! I am always amazed at how this blue ice carpet has shaped the land around us. On our Trolltunga, Preikestolen and Kjerag trip we spend an entire day on Folgefonna. In good weather, the glacier has some great views of the spectacular landscape surrounding it. Most importantly, it is really fun and exciting to hike on glaciers! 

You can experience this destination on our Trolltunga, Preikestolen and Kjerag tour. 

Fjord Norway/Pål Hermansen

Photo: Pål Hermansen/fjordnorway.com


My prediction is that the coast of Helgeland in Northern Norway will be the next big thing. It is the third largest archipelago in the world, and the charming islands are accessible by local ferries or small bridges – making it perfect for cycling. In Helgeland, you find Norway’s cleanest fjords, dramatic mountains and white beaches. For me, the cultural part of the trip is an important aspect. I recommend reading the novel The Unseen by Roy Jacobsen before you join our cycling trip in Helgeland. The story is simply amazing, and I promise it will enhance your stay! 

You can experience this destination on our Cycling in Northern Norway tour. 

Thorsten Brønner

Photo: Thorsten Brønner


I remember the first time I visited Molladalen in Fjord Norway. I had heard so many stories of the beautiful Chamonix-like landscape, and could not wait to experience it myself. The combination of peaky mountains, green hillsides, fjords and freely grazing sheep made a rainy day feel like sunny one. For me, the variety in the landscape is the most amazing. Within one day of hiking, you meet beautiful fjords, peaky mountains and forest areas. If you are a keen hiker and want to get off the beaten track – I recommend joining our multiday hike around one of Norway’s most beautiful fjords.

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Håvard Myklebust

Photo: Håvard Myklebust



The mountain Slogen is The King of all the mountains in the Sunnmøre Alps – and nothing could beat the view from the steep, exposed summit of Slogen. It's difficult to compare the Norwegian fjords to each other, but everyone who tries to write a best-of-list has Hjørundfjorden among their favorites. From Slogen you have a panoramic view of the fjord, steep mountains, and the lush, green valleys surrounding you. You could reach Slogen on this tour!

Mathias Myklebyst

Photo: Mattias Fredriksson/Visitnorway.com


Want to get away from it all? Nordenskiöld Lodge is the lodge we are using on our Adventure Week on Svalbard/Spitsbergen, and it’s the northernmost commercial cabin in the world. Enjoy no wifi or mobile coverage, and even with no running water or electricity, the expedition lodge feels very luxurious – and like nothing, you will find elsewhere in the Norwegian Arctic. The huge, mighty glacier of Nordenskiöld is just next to the cabin, and after a day of hiking or kayaking, you could relax in the wooden sauna – and even go swimming in the bay (with the icebergs drifting beside you!) Enjoy it and remember that you for sure never get the chance to swimming this close to the North Pole again. The lodge is a 2-hour boat ride from Longyearbyen and in the summertime, the area is where you have one of the best possibilities on Svalbard to see the polar bears.

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Basecamp Spitsbergen

Photo: Basecamp Spitsbergen


The boat trip on the dramatic Kjerkfjorden (the Kjerk Fjord) and hike onwards to the Bunes Beach is a highlight in Lofoten! When you first get the glimpse of the beach, after a short hike, it’s easy to understand why it is often rated among the best beaches in Norway. And when you reach it; take off your shoes, close your eyes and walk barefoot with the fine, white sand beneath your feet. For a while, you might get the feeling being somewhere in the Pacific Ocean. Then you open your eyes, see the mountains, the mighty sea and the solitary, crooked house on the beach – and realize you are in a much more beautiful place.

You can experience this destination on our Hiking Lofoten tour!


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From the top of Prest, you have a spectacular view of the Nærøyfjord and the surrounding mountains. The big ships going in and out the fjord looks like small toys from here. This a relatively easy hike that you can do in the afternoon, we often combine this hike with checking out the amazing from Stegastein. Just driving up the road to the starting point is truly an experience.

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Marit Vidnes

Photo: Marit Vidnes


A few years ago, this beach was used by two boys staying here over winter, making a cabin on the beach just by driftwood that they could find. They explored the place, surfed, snowboarded and just existed in this time where time stands still. They also made a movie called “North of the Sun”. Since this movie was made the place has become very popular, but the beach still has a remote feeling to it.

You can experience this destination on our Hiking in Lofoten tour!

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The hike to Trolltunga is long, one of the longest hikes we have in all our tours, but even though we might use up to 10-12 hours on this trip, the reward is truly worth it. The hike starts out quite challenging and steep, but then the terrain flattens out and is easier to hike in. On the way to the spectacular rock hanging out of the mountain we will pass other scenic places that we can enjoy on the way. When we finally reach our goal, and climb out on the Trolls tongue we are sure you will not regret going on this hike. Top the experience with a 3-course dinner in cosy Rosendal Turisthotel afterwards, like we do on most of our trips.

Visit the wonderful Trolls tongue on the Trolltunga, Preikestolen and Kjerag tour!

Andre Spica

Photo: Andre Spica



It is truly magnificent to walk in this deep valley. From high mountains to lush, green, scenic views and down to the fjords. Eating our packed lunch with a view on the side. Along the path, we pass several pools with freezing cold water! I recommend a quick swim! Several old mountain farms still stand there today, and it is really amazing how they lived and worked in this remote valley. Come see for yourself!

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Marit Vidnes

Photo: Marit Vidnes


When looking towards this glacier raging high up from the ground, you feel really small! Glaciers are so interesting, beautiful and fun! Hardangerjøkulen is famous for its blue ice, maybe you can bring some ice back to your cocktail?

You can experience this destination on our hiking, biking and kayaking tour!

Photo: Matti Bernitz


It’s called Norway’s "most beautiful mountain", and I can see why. Only 2 hours from Oslo, you get a really nice view! On a clear and sunny day, you can see all the way to Galdhøpiggen, Norway's highest mountain, from the top. The hike up is not too difficult, and you can stay overnight at a mountain lodge at the top.

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