Ole Christian Fredriksen

Ole Christian Fredriksen

Originally from Oslo. His need for steep mountains and wild sea brought him north to beautiful Lofoten.

Trip-CV/travel experience:

Ole Christian works as an entrepreneur in Lofoten Outdoor, and as a climbing and kayaking instructor for the college university in Lofoten. He is an educated instructor, and have climbed mountains since the late 80`s. Besides this Ole is also educated an alpine skiing instructor, and held extended courses in kayaking. His passion for safe codes of conduct in the Norwegian mountains has also made him a member of the local Red Cross.

Since Ole Christian is born in the south and situated in the north of Norway. He has a lot of experience from our elongated country. He has also numerous trips all around the world. His experience also stems from places such as Himalaya, Svalbard, and the Alps. 

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