Our office is a group of adventurous, friendly and helpful travellers.

Very few people have had the opportunity to travel as much as the people of Hvitserk. With our extended travelling experience and professionalism, we will ensure that your next adventure holiday in Norway becomes second to none. Interested in talking to us? Feel free to contact us, we would love to talk to you about how we can help you with your next adventure!

Our office is based in Oslo, and our office team is located at:

Madserud Alle' 34, 0274 Oslo, Norway.

Organization number: 988 264 849 

Not living in the area? Don't worry, you can contact us here and read about us below:

Trygve Sunde Kolderup: 

CEO of Hvitserk who started working in the company in 2011. Before joining Hvitserk, he used to work as an editor for a Norwegian outdoor magazine. His interest in adventures and literature have resulted in numerous book releases on the topic. The ski and mountaineering enthusiast has also worked as an event manager for several adventure festivals in Norway. 

Rasmus Ramstad:

Rasmus is the CFO of Hvitserk, a position that he combines with guiding various domestic, and international trips for the company. He is an educated Arctic nature guide from the Arctic archipelago of Svalbard, and have a rich knowledge of the Norwegian nature and culture. Rasmus has extended experience from a wide range of trips in Norway, and Svalbard. He has also guided mountain and trekking trips on Aconcagua in Argentina, Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, Elbrus in Russia, Mt. Margherita in Uganda, Bhutan, Nepal, and Korsika. He emphasizes beautiful nature experiences and close contact with the local community.

Marit Vidnes:

Marit started working for Hvitserk in 2015. Before joining our team, she used to work for the Norwegian tourist association. In this position, she had the responsibility for their mountaineering activities in Norway. On her spare time, she loves to spend time outside in the Norwegian nature. Snowboarding, split boarding, mountain biking, kayaking, and trekking are just some of her favourites. Marit has extensive travel experience from Norway, and have a certain love for our nature. This is why she is in charge for our international guests in Norway, and therefore most likely the person you will meet when contacting us. Some of her favourites are hiking in Fjord Norway and Haute Route Jotunheimen.  

Mats Hoel Johannessen:

Mats moved from the Norwegian fjords in the west and started working at Hvitserk in December 2016. His keen interest in adventures, people, and traveling led him to write a masters degree in adventure tourism at the Arctic University of Norway. The educated Arctic Nature Guide has also worked several years as a guide in Norway and Svalbard. By combining his years of professional guiding and academic experience, he strives to ensure that your adventure will become both authentic and memorable. He welcomes every opportunity to visit the fjords of Norway, and his favourite skiing trip is the Finnmarksvidda plateau, which he has crossed several times. 

Eirin Nordhus:

A true lover of the outdoors! Eirin was born in the Arctic regions in Norway, and from her childhood, by the Russian border, she moved down to Oslo. The passionate traveller used to work for Norrøna by the fjords of Norway. She grew up with dog sledging in the high north, and her lifelong interest in various adventures in both Norway and abroad, have made her invaluable to both Hvitserk and our customers. Among the trips, she has been on is our crossing of the Greenland icecap and hiking in Jotunheimen

Maria Sellfors:

Maria moved from Sweden to Norway some years ago. She used to work for Business Sweden in Oslo, supporting Swedish entrepreneurs and establishes in Norway. Her job in Hvitserk is to encourage our neighbours to join our adventures. Maria has travelled quite much in Norway already, as she has both crossed Finnmarksvidda on skis and visited the beautiful Lofoten.

Henriette Aass:

Maybe the happiest persons we know of. She has worked in our company since 1999, and her experience from both travelling and working are invaluable to us. Henriette works mainly with supporting Norwegians on their international trips. Her extensive travelling experience stem from places such as the Inka trails in Peru, kayaking in Greenland, climbing Kilimanjaro, travelling with the Transsiberian railway, interrailing in Europe, travelling in Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, India, Mongolia, Uzbekistan, Russia, Bhutan, Nepal, Egypt, Dubai, Kenya, Zanzibar, Lamu, Australia, South-Africa, Uganda, Botswana, Tanzania, and tens of times around in the whole China, Tibet and Hongkong. What trip did she love the most? At any time, the last one. 

Geir Amundsen:

Started working in Hvitserk in 2010, and his daily job is to ensure that our Norwegian guests on international holidays have a good time. He is a musician, and have worked within the travelling business for more than 15 years. In his former job, he worked as a journalist, writing about various forms of travel. No other person in Hvitserk has visited more countries than Geir. At the moment he is counting more than 90! Besides his home country Norway, he emphasizes Cambodia, Costa Rica, and South-Africa the most. 

Marianne Østensen:

Marianne is an adventure and mountaineering enthusiast who love various forms of outdoor activities. She mainly works with sales and booking in Hvitserk. The active lady has visited more than 50 countries in her life. But, with have a special love for the mountains in Norway, she always welcomes a chance to visit places such as Lysefjorden or Lofoten