Raymond Jenssen

Raymond Jenssen

Raymond is born and raised on the island Røst in Lofoten! He uses all his spare time up in the majestic mountains of northern norway. Lofoten is his favourite place to go hiking. He has also climbed Kilimanjaro and mount Fuji in Japan!

Trip-CV/travel experience:

Raymond works daily in the royal norwegian airforce. With his job he get the chance to experience all the great nature up in northern norway. He uses all his spare time in the outdoors. He loves trekking, exploring caves, swimming in the ocean, fishingtrips, nijmegen deathmarch , and in general living in the outdoors. Every weekend he arranges hiking trips for his soldiers to explore the hidden pearls in Bodø and vincinity on their free time. His trips are very popular. He has always a smile on his face and lots of energi. Whenever he get's the chance you will find him in a nice, scenic spot in his hammock, enjoying a freshly brewed cup of coffee by the bonfire.

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