Have specific dietary needs? No problem.

Many guests contact us with questions regarding their specific dietary needs, curious if their dietary restrictions will stop them from joining a tour with us in Norway. The underlying conclusion here? We can cater to any dietary specifications a guest needs.


Dietary restrictions commonly requested:

  1. Vegetarian: Norwegian culture traditionally eats a lot of meat. If you are vegetarian, or don’t enjoy eating a lot of meat, we suggest writing “vegetarian” in your registration form. Norwegian meat production is much more regulated than in other countries, and you can often expect the meat served on our trips to be local. Sheep, cows and goats often walk freely in the mountains near our accommodations, and we use local produce and meat from nearby farmers on our trips. Reindeer and Moose are also common in Norwegian dishes, and they live wild in nature. Dinners often are served on a set menu, but when you register as vegetarian, you will be served a vegetarian meal each evening. Please specify if you eat fish or seafood upon registration, as these are also traditionally Norwegian dishes.
  2. Gluten free: If you have a gluten allergy, please specify this in your registration form. We often make lunches to go, also known as “matpakke” in Norwegian, in which we use fresh baked Norwegian bread each morning. If you need gluten free bread on a trip, we are happy to pass this onto the accommodations, and make sure there is gluten free bread for you available. All other meals will be notified of your allergy, and make changes accordingly.
  3. Lactose free: If you have an allergy to lactose, please inform us. We will notify all accommodations and you will be made special meals without cheese, cream or any other lactose ingredients.
  4. Vegan: We can also accommodate for vegan diets. Again, vegan snacks are limited in Norwegian grocery stores, and bringing some yummy snacks from home you enjoy can be beneficial.
  5. Any other diet specific needs: if you have particular needs for meals, please fill this out in your registration form, and email us directly in the office at [email protected] to notify us of your restrictions, trip name and date, and any other information you would like us to know.


By notifying us ahead of time, we can ensure your accommodations are prepared for your arrival. We will pass this information onto your guide, but feel free to pull them aside and remind them on the first day of the trip. Be specific in your needs when contacting us, and enjoy your trip to Norway!