The 6 Most Famous and Beautiful Fjords in Norway

The Norwegian Fjords are a perfect starting point for all types of adventure activities, and many people ask what Norwegian Fjords that are most famous.

Most of the famous Norwegian Fjords are in western Norway, or "Fjord Norway" as it is often named. The most famous Norwegian fjord of them all is probably the UNESCO listed Nærøyfjord. Most people think of Nærøyfjord as a beautiful place for boat rides. However, the fjord is a perfect starting point for beautiful kayaking and hiking tours.

You can experience Nærøyfjorden in the hiking, biking, and kayaking tour in the Norwegian Fjords. 


Photo: Paul Edmundson / Fjord Norway

It is easy to mistake The Norwegian Fjord Aurlandfjord for being Nærøyfjord. Both fjords are close to each other, and they have the same colossal cliff walls that give them the charismatic look of a dramatic and beautiful looking Norwegian Fjord. On our tour The Best Hikes in the Norwegian Fjords you have a ringside view of Aurlandsfjorden from the top of our hike to the mountain Prest.

Interested in experiencing from Prest from the ringside? It is on day one of the best hikes in the Norwegian Fjords or day seven on the hiking tour from mountains to the Norwegian Fjords!


You will find most of the Norwegian Fjords in western Norway, but you will also find some beautiful fjord destinations in the northern part of our country. Vestfjorden is the dramatic fjord that separate Lofoten from the mainland. Here, you can learn about the fishermen culture in Lofoten. These young men had to row their small wooden boats over the strongest maelstroms known to men to get food for themselves and their family, and their history remains. 

Vestfjorden are the fjord we cross on the boat ride the second day at Hiking in Lofoten 

Destinations such as Preikestolen and Kjerag have made this Norwegian Fjord world famous. In 2018, Preikestolen got an even broader audience when Tom Cruise used this magnificent scenery in his movie Mission Impossible: Fallout. A story that has had less attention are the beautiful kayaking possibilities in Lysefjorden. Here, you can paddle away from the most popular destinations, and within hours you will be in a remote setting with just you and the water.

We arrive Lysefjorden on day four on the Hike, Trolltunga, Preikestolen and Kjerag tour! 

Photo: Paul Edmundson / Fjord Norway


Geirangerfjord is the second fjord that held a UNESCO world heritage site in Norway. The public ferry going into Geirangerfjorden is one of the world's most beautiful public transportation journeys. Geiranger as a village has less than 300 inhabitants, but it is a highly popular area to visit during the warmer seasons. Most people arrive in cruise boats, and during summer high season, the feeling of Geiranger is rather touristic. However, if you want to experience Geiranger, there are some beautiful hikes that you can enjoy in the area. 

The second longest fjord in Norway, second only to Sognefjorden. On the south side of Hardangerfjorden, you have the vast and beautiful glacier Folgefonna. In the region, you also find known destinations such as Trolltunga and Vøringsfossen. Hardangerfjord is a place worth spending a day or two extra, there are endless fantastic hiking destinations within Hardangerfjord.

You can experience Hardangerfjorden on the Icons of the Norwegian Fjords!

Photo: Fjord Norway / Robin Strand