In Hvitserk we have always emphasized to give something back to the local communities we visit. Through the Cairn Foundation, Hvitserk and our guests support various aid projects in the destinations that we visit.

Thirty years ago, our company was established on the steppes of Africa, after one of our founders had been central to the development of tourism on Kilimanjaro. Ever since we have worked to have a positive impact on the places we arrange expeditions and adventures holidays. We are proud to say that this is something we started doing, long before responsible travel became a phenomenon.  

The Cairn Foundation (Stiftelsen Varde in Norwegian) was started in 2011, and in 2013 we started to facilitate so our guests had the opportunity to donate one extra dollar for each day they were traveling with us. Together with our guests, Hvitserk and the Cairn Foundation have gathered several hundred thousand Norwegian kroner to various aid projects. Especially in Nepal and Kenya, but also Uganda, Tanzania, and Greenland.

It is fantastic to be a privileged outdoor loving person with the opportunity to spend your holidays in Norwegian, or foreign mountains. The Cairn Foundation believe that this feeling will be enhanced if your dream mountain holiday also contributes to something positive to other people. By giving “one dollar each traveling day”, you can give something back to the places that we visit.

Today, our guests from Sweden and Norway, are given the opportunity to donate money when booking a trip with us. The contribution goes unabridged to The Cairn Foundation. Currently, the foundation is supporting educational programs in Nepal, and environmental work in the Masai-Maira area in Kenya. If you are an international guest joining one of our future trips, we would like to give you the same opportunity. If interested, contact us on [email protected].