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Arctic ski adventure

Finnmark, in the very north of Norway, is wild and exotic. On this Arctic adventure, you can join us on a skiing expedition across the beautiful, white plateau. Few, if any places in the world are better for experiencing the Northern Lights!

This trip went beyond all of my expectations! It is not a thing that I would have changed, except that I would have wanted it to last much longer. The mountain lodges was cosy, and the food could have been served to royals. Our guides will without any doubt be given the highest score possible. Simply put, this is a trip i highly recommend!— Guest in February 2016

Many people have a dream of doing a polar skiing expedition, and the classical crossing of the county Finnmark is a good start! Forbes travel magazine named the crossing of Finnmarksvidda one of the five most stunning skiing trips in the world. The 80 beautiful kilometers are situated in the same area where the native Sami people have herded reindeer for generations. Herding reindeer are still a common occupation among the Sami, and we might see some of their animals during the skiing days. What we are guaranteed to see, are the hallmark of Northern Norway, the extraordinary light. During the day we ski in low daylight, and the sky is different colored as the sun gradually go down in the horizon.

Before the dark night set in, we enter our mountain lodges. Few places are more authentic than the simple cabins situated along the route. For dinner, we will be served local food, and the ingredients are of course from the local Arctic nature itself. After dinner, there is one peculiar phenomenon happening. Every year, numerous people visit the Arctic to experience the northern lights. In clear weather, there are few if any places in the world that are better for seeing the Northern Lights. Surrounded by total darkness, our little group can enjoy this spectacular scenery exclusively for themselves.

Our trip starts in the small town of Alta in western Finnmark. The whole skiing trip covers around 80 km. The distance between the destinations is a daily leg of 25 to 35 km. The trip does not require participants to be super fit, but you should be in relatively good shape. The terrain is gentle and flat, but you should be a relatively experienced skier to ensure you get the most out of the trip. You will be taught procedures, given information and tips about how to best plan and carry out a winter expedition on skis.

The trip starts and ends in Alta, and Alta has several daily flights (SAS and Norwegian) to Oslo and Tromsø.

Please send us an email at info@hvitserk.com if you want to know more about the trip. We can also help you with accommodation and activities such as Northern lights, dog sledding and ice-fishing if interested. 


Have a look at the full equipment list by clicking "Equipment list" in the menu above. You can leave some luggage at the airport in Alta. 


Accommodation before and after the start of the trip is not included. However, we highly recommend spending more days within the area of Finnmark. Most of the people participating our skiing trips like to spend one night in the spectacular Igloo/Ice hotel and end their journey in the Sami village of Karasjok. Our staff and guides have worked within the area for years and will provide you with first-hand knowledge regarding popular activities such as dogsledding, northern lights and ice-fishing. 


You need a travel and health insurance, that also includes transportation back to your country. Remember to bring your insurance card/information. 


The guide speaks English.


We reserve the right to make changes to the program, and the price. The day to day program is indicative, and changes may occur. Please have a look at our terms and conditions

WHAT'S INCLUDED?          

  • Professional nature guide
  • Breakfast, packed lunch, and dinner (as described in the day to day program). 
  • All local transport


  • Transportation to the meeting point in Alta
  • Drinks and snacks.
  • Accommodation before and after the trip

Day 1: To the historical stilla

First, we will pick up the people coming with the morning flight from Oslo. Transport up to Stilla, the starting point for the trip. We then ski 10 km to Joatkajavri mountain lodge. Maybe we'll already see reindeer on our way there. Joatkajavri is one of the three remaining mountain lodges in Finnmark that the Norwegian state is responsible for. The lodges were established in 1840 because people such as the priest, district sheriff, doctor and municipal treasurer needed places to stay when they had business to attend to on the mountain plateau. The distance between the lodges was then set to around 30 km, bearing in mind the time it took to walk between them or drive in a horse and cart. Unlike many of the buildings in Finnmark, Joatkajavri was not burned down during World War II, and the oldest buildings date from 1878.

Accommodation Mountain lodge Ascent 40m Distance 10km Meals D Descent 20m Time 3hrs skiing  Transport 1 hr

Day 2: Across Finnmark's largest lake

The day's leg takes us from Joatkajavri to Mollisjok, including across Finnmark's largest lake Iesjavri. We leave the cozy mountain lodge in Jotka and look forward to the longest distance on this trip. Maybe we'll meet a herd of reindeer en route? During the day we will ski in mostly flat terrain. However, the few high meters on the start of the day will bring us up to the recognizable, and majestic Arctic landscape. You will know have the opportunity to rest your eyes on a landscape that are as big as it is beautiful. If the sky is clear, it is possible to see small mountains on the horizon. On the inner-most part of the Finnmark plateau, you will find the mountain lodge Øvre Mollisjok. The house has functioned as both accommodations and work for generations. Our hostess for the evening is Margit. She was the youngest of 16 siblings who grew up at Mollisjok, 60 road less kilometers away from the nearest grocery store. We will be served local, traditional food at all the cabins– which tastes divine when you come in after spending a whole day in the beautiful Arctic landscape. If we are lucky, there are few if any places in the world that are better to see the northern lights than Mollisjok.

Accommodation Mountain lodge Ascent 200m Distance 30km Meals BLD Descent 150m Time 8-10 hrs skiing 

Day 3: Orroaigiellasat

Orroaigiellasat, or the range of the dog as it would be if you translated the Sami word for today's area. It is a myth sprained place, really. The 24 kilometers we will ski today is recognized for one thing, the wind and immensely beautiful landscape. It stretches out in all directions, and in clear weather, we can spot Finland on the horizon. With your hood over your head, you will get the real expedition feeling. After 24 kilometers we will reach today's destination, Ravnastua. Surrounded by sparsely growing forest, the mountain lodge is beautifully situated within the wilderness. Here we will be served a traditional dinner, and remember to write your name in the guestbook! 

Accommodation Mountain lodge Ascent 150m Distance 30km Meals BLD Descent 250m Time 8-9 hrs skiing 

Day 4: At the end of the finnmark plateau

The trips are not over before we have reached the very end of Finnmarksvidda. From Ravnastua, skiing down to Assebakti is relatively short and easy. However, it is a feeling of mastery and happiness when we take us down the last 14 kilometers. During most of the day we will be protected by forest, so the weather is often more pleasant within this area.   We will be picked up here and driven to Engholm Husky, where we will stay in the unique accommodation. We will spend the night in very cozy cabins and gather around the fire in a traditional Sami turf hut in the evening, where we will be served traditional food, and sum up the skiing trip. 

Ascent 50m Distance 16km Meals BL Descent 400m Time 4-5 hrs skiing  Transport 2,5 hrs

Take a good look at this list, and make sure you bring with you everything you need. This list is intended to give you a guideline, so that we have everything we need on the trip, regardless of the weather. The weather in Norway in this period can be anything from a dry and cold winter day to harsher Arctic winter conditions. We don’t want you to buy a lot of new stuff, so please bring what you have, or maybe you can borrow from someone if it isn't appropriate for this trip. Bring as little as possible, and remember to keep the weight low. Please contact us at info@hvitserk.com if you have any questions.


Woolen underwear for both men and women. 

Base layer (two sets)



Bring a solid mid layer

Shell pants

Gore-Tex or similar. Must be windproof. 

Shell jacket

Gore-Tex or similar. Must be windproof. 

Down jacket

Big and warm down jacket for the breaks


Windproof and double layered


Extra pair of gloves or mittens

Ski, ski boots and poles

Durable skis, leather boots (or similar) and solid back country poles. Traditional cross country equipment is not sufficient. 

Ski wax

Blue and green

Two pairs of thin and thick woolen socks



Bring some lightweight boots or similar for use inside the cabins

Sitting mat

Nice to sit on while eating lunch

Extra pants lightweight for indoor use


A woolen balaclava will keep you warm, and keep the winds away


Woolen and big. Bring one extra in case you lose one. If it isn't windproof, you must have a hood one your jacket. 

Neck warmer

Woolen cloth keeping your neck warm


Solid sunglasses with dark glasses. Do not use sunglasses made out of metal. 

Alpine glasses

Big glasses in case of heavy winds

Head torch

Remember batteries

Large backpack

A solid backpack with 60-liter capacity

 Drinking bootles

Two bootles with insulation that keep the water flowing longer. 


1 liter at least. Big opening preferred. 


Toothbrush, toothpaste, a small tower, antibacterial wipes or gel 

Personal medicines 

Compeed and tape for blister protection

Toilet paper

In case you need to use the toilet while skiing

Compression bags

Compressing down jackets and similar reduces the volum in the backpack. 

Pen and paper

Keep your memories






Ear plugs

Block out sound while sleeping


In case you want to listen at music while skiing

Swimming suit, shorts or similar

For the saunas