Our adventures

Sailing on the Hurtigruten, often referred to as the world's most beautiful sea voyage, we set off on ski touring in the fantastic scenery of Northern Norway. Over the course of an action-packed week, we experience the famous Lyngen Alps, the beautiful Lofoten islands and the little-known gems of ski summits on Senja.

The Adventure Tour starts and ends in Tromsø, but the Hurtigruten ships serve as our means of transport and hotel en route. This means that during the week-long tour, we can enjoy several of the very best mountains for skiing in Northern Norway! As we take our own cars, we believe our tour offers better skiing and greater flexibility than the traditional 'skiing by boat' tour where guests stay on board sailing boats. We stay in traditional, fishermen’s style rorbu or at small, pleasant accommodation providers, and we travel while we sleep on board Hurtigruten for two nights, waking up to new, exciting skiing adventures.
The tour starts in Tromsø, from where there are several direct daily flights to Oslo (SAS and Norwegian). We first ski in the world-famous mountains on the Lyngenhalvøya peninsula (the Lyngen Alps), before we board the Hurtigruten Coastal Express in Skjervøy, and wake up the next morning in Harstad after a good night's sleep. We drive from there towards Lofoten for two days of skiing in this unique skiing terrain. Hopefully, we can ski right from the very shore, and we end our days' skiing with delicious fish for dinner. After two days here, (we know that you'll want to stay longer!), we take the Hurtigruten north from Svolvær through Raftsundet sound and the Trollfjord (two of the highlights on the Hurtigruten's journey along the Norwegian coast) to Finnsnes. Two days of skiing await us in Senja. Senja is not as well known as Lofoten and Lyngen, but, in our opinion, this skiing area is every bit as good as these two – and there's practically no one else around!

This is an exclusive experience and the combination of world-class skiing, beautiful scenery and interesting coastal culture make this Adventure Tour truly unique!

Please send us an email at [email protected] if you want to know more information. 

Day 1: Arrival Tromsø

Spend the night at a hotel in the city. Eat dinner together at a fish restaurant, where we go through the programme for the trip with the guide.

Day 2: Skiing in Lyngen

After a hearty breakfast, we drive from Tromsø and pick a suitable destination in the Lyngen Alps based on the group's wishes and skills. Accommodation in a traditional rorbu or at a guesthouse in Lyngen.

Day 3: The Lyngen Alps/Hurtigruten

After breakfast, it's time for more randonee skiing, either in the Lyngen Alps or we take the ferry across the fjord to the Kåfjord Alps, on the eastern side of the Lyngenfjord. There are great mountains for skiing in this area with spectacular views of Lyngen. After the skiing, we drive north to Skjervøy where we board the Hurtigruten Coastal Express. We eat a good dinner on the ship, and stay in comfortable double/twin cabins. Maybe you'll even see the Northern Lights from the deck? We stop in Tromsø during the evening before sailing south to Harstad.

Day 4: Lofoten

After a good breakfast on board the ship, we arrive in Harstad and head for Lofoten. There are many great destinations in Lofoten, and we let the weather and skiing conditions determine where we go. After the trip, we drive out to Henningsvær, one of the most charming fishing villages in Lofoten. Here, we stay in traditional rorbu, eat a good dinner and plan the following day's skiing.

Day 5: Lofoten/Hurtigruten

A new day of randonee skiing awaits us in the beautiful mountains of Lofoten. Maybe we'll be able to see the whole Vestfjord from the summit we pick? If we're lucky with the weather, there'll be fresh snow all the way down to the very shore. We head for Svolvær after the trip, and eat dinner at one of the best fish restaurants in Lofoten before we board the northbound Hurtigruten ship for the night.
During the evening and night, the ship sails through Raftsundet sound and north through Vesterålen to Finnsnes. If we're lucky with the weather and travel early in the season, we might even see the Northern Lights from the deck!
If any of the participants would like a day's rest, Henningsvær is a nice place to spend the day. There are great trekking and fishing opportunities. We are happy to organise a fishing trip on a traditional fishing boat if the group is interested.

Day 6: Senja

We have a relaxed morning on board Hurtigruten and eat breakfast before we arrive in Finnsnes. We drive from there to the far side of Senja. The mountains here are not as well known for skiing as those in Lofoten and in Lyngen, but in our opinion they're every bit as beautiful! We do a randonee skiing trip – hopefully with views of the open sea. We stay in lovely accommodation on the far side of Senja.

Day 7: Senja - Tromsø

There are many fantastic ski summits on Senja– and we pick the one we think will have the best skiing conditions. After the skiing trip, we head north for Tromsø where we arrive in the evening and have a final dinner in a nice restaurant in the city where we spend the night. If the group is interested, we can also arrange for the group to attend the Hurtigruten's midnight concert in the Arctic Cathedral, one of Norway's most famous churches.

Day 8: Journey home

There are several direct daily flights to Oslo from Tromsø. Why not spend the morning sightseeing in Tromsø – we can also organise dogsledding trips, or you can do another randonee skiing trip in the great terrain around Tromsø before you fly south.