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Ski Touring in the Fjords of Norway

Join us on a unique tour around one of Norway's most beautiful fjords tours; a week-long ski touring in beautiful scenery in Sunnmøre (Norway's west coast) with magnificent views of the sea and fjord. We stay in unique and charming accommodations on the adventure tour.

Randonee skiing around the fjord of Hjørund on the west coast of Norway is Norway's answer to the Alps' famous Haute Route between Chamonix and Zermatt.

This is a tour in exceptionally beautiful scenery, with spectacular views and numerous skiing options.
The tour around the Hjørundfjord is a randonee skiing tour, where we ski from village to village, carrying relatively light rucksacks. We ski to summits, explore valleys and numerous destinations en route. We bring everything we need for the week's tour in our rucksacks (we can also organise baggage transport). The daily legs around the fjord are tough, with ascents of up to 1,200-1,300 metres. We stay in high-quality, unique accommodations, including in the village of Trandal, which has a population of five or six and to which there is no road, and at the charming design hotel Villa Norangdal and the beautiful Sagafjord Hotel in Sæbø. Staying in such great accommodations on a fantastic skiing tour makes this a truly unique journey in our opinion, and well worth travelling from far and wide to experience!

Mainly we will ski around the fjord. However, at some destinations use taxis, ferries or shuttle boats in order to continue. Hjørundfjorden have multiple fantastic destination options, but the weather and skiing conditions determine our route. There are a variety of options based on the prevailing conditions. No matter where we ski, the fantastic view of the surrounding fjords will follow us. On some of the daily legs, we ski right down to the shore, and in the right conditionsyou can go literally from summit to sea. If the conditions are good enough, we head up to some of Sunnmøre's classic randonee summits – Slogen, Blåbretind, Kolåstind and Skårasalen are some of the possible destinations en route.

Skiing around a fjord is a unique experience – and if you dream about going on a special skiing tour, this is a definite choice!

Ålesund, which is the closest town for this tour, has good connections (direct flights) to several foreign cities (KLM, among others, operates daily flights). Norwegian and SAS also operate several daily flights to Oslo.

In 2017 it is possible to join us on a adventure tour starting 24th of April. Depending on whats included, the prices starts from around 22 950 NOK (almost everything included, also pre and post night in Ålesund, exept flights t/r Ålesund). Please send us an email at [email protected] if you want to know more.

Day 1: Arrival in Ålesund

Ålesund is known for its Art Nouveau architecture. The town is one of the harbours that the Hurtigruten Coastal Express, often referred to as the world's most beautiful sea voyage, stops at daily. (It is possible to fly to Bergen and start the trip by taking the Hurtigruten from Bergen to Ålesund. The ship leaves Bergen in the evening and arrives in Ålesund the following afternoon). There are regular flights from Europe to Ålesund (including to Amsterdam), and this is where we meet to eat dinner together and be briefed by the guide. 

Day 2: Start SKiing – to the roadless village of Trandal

From Ålesund, we take a bus and ferry to the starting point for the trip, Hundeidvik on the Hjørundfjord. The day's leg is around 13 km with an ascent of 1,200 metres. If the conditions are good, we can ski to the top of Blåbretinden. Crampons and ice axes might be needed on the final part up to the summit. From Blåbretind (1,476 metres), we ski down to the roadless village of Trandal on the Hjørundfjord. This village only has five or six inhabitants. Despite the fact that Trandal only has a handful of inhabitants, the pub at our accommodation is very popular, and we'll probably be served fresh fish straight from the fjord for dinner.

Day 3: Up from the fjord

We get an early start and head up the Lissjedalen valley to Råna (1,586 metres). This leg is steep and demanding in parts (and can only be done if the conditions are good), but the surroundings are spectacular. If we head for the top of Råna, this leg has an ascent of 1,500 metres. From Råna, we ski down Nordkopen to Urke. Hopefully, we'll manage a trip to the small, local shop at Urke before it closes. Here we can buy snacks for the trip and we spend the night at a lovely guesthouse that serves good, local food.

Day 4: A classic summit and a night in design HOTEL

Slogen is the day's destination, and the 1,564-metre high summit is a classic in Sunnmøre. From the top, we ski down to Norangsdalen valley and arrive at Villa Norangdal. This is a unique and beautiful design hotel where each individual room has been individually decorated. The hotel is imbued with the history of Norwegian mountain sports. There are few things better than easing yourself into a heated outdoor Jacuzzi with a magical view of the mountains after a long day's skiing. Followed by a lovely dinner, before we end the evening planning the next day in front of the fire in the lovely Slingsbystuen lounge.

Day 5: down to the fjord and boat shuttle

We strap on our skis on the hotel steps and ski across Blæja and the Kårdalstindene mountains. If visibility is good, we can see across large parts of the Hjørundfjord and right out to sea. Excellent skiing down Kårdalen valley down to the fjord. Here, we are picked up by a taxi boat and cross the fjord to our accommodation for the next two nights.

Day 6: Skiing and boat

We'll stay two nights at Sæbø, and spend the day skiing to the top of Skårasalen. This is one of the classic destinations in the area. We make our way up from the back side, and ski down to Skår, a little farm by the fjord. From here, we take a taxi boat or ferry to Sæbø where we spend the night.

Day 7: Spectacular view and excellent skiing

After a good breakfast at Sagafjord, we take a taxi a short distance up to Litledalen valley where we start the ascent up to Dalegubben (1,344 metres). Crampons and ice axes are often required for the final part up to the summit, and there is again a good chance of spectacular views from the top. Fantastic skiing down the almost 800-metre side from Dalegubben down to Nøvedalen. Spend the night at Standaleidet (400 metres).

Day 8: Final day of the trip

The last leg of the Hjørundfjord trip starts at Standaleidet (roughly 400 metres), and we make our way to the top of Kolåstind or Svinetind, before we end the day by skiing down to Ytre Standal or down to Molladalen and Barstadvik. From here, we take a taxi a short distance to Festøya, where we take the ferry back to Solavågen. 

We can shorten the trip so that it's possible to catch a flight from Ålesund that evening.

If the group is interested in a shorter trip, it is possible, for example, to leave out one or more of the days. We can customise alternatives for shorter and longer trips.