We work as hard as we can to give our guests amazing experiences and memorable adventures. Last year one of our guests told us her face was hurting, since he had been smiling so much. Check out what they are saying about our trips!

“Our trip was excellent - the hikes, the food, the accommodation, our group, and most of all the guide. He was superb!! I would highly recommend Hvitserk of Norway s to anyone. Personally this was a trip of a lifetime. My friend and I had been considering a Norway hiking trip for several years focusing on Trolltunga. If we had not decided on Hvitserk, we would have possibly missed Kjerag, the glacier trek, and definitely the stair climb. The amount of activities you packed in to the week was amazing. Andre's decision to switch day one and two proved to be right on as we had great weather for the Trolltunga trek. The group of eight participants on our trip, from four different countries, all got along extremely well and supported one another at all times.”
Review from guest who joined our Trolltunga, Kjerag and Preikestolen-hike in 2017

“I had a brill time on the trip. The experience was amazing and I think that the route of the trip was planned out very well, I liked how we travelled through Norway and were able to see so many different terrains and landscapes. Also the mixture of activities that we did were perfect ways of getting around and really exploring the landscape. It wasn’t too demanding however there were some challenges which I really liked as I was able to push myself. Our guide was awesome, he had so much experience and his history of spending seasons at Finse was interesting to learn about the area and to hear his stories! My experience of Norway through this trip has been amazing and I would love to do it again!!”
Review from guest who joined our Hiking, biking and kayaking-tour in Fjord Norway in 2017

“I had a great time on our week in Lofoten, it is such a beautiful part of the world! I really enjoyed the whole week and wish I could have stayed for longer. Lofoten is such an amazing place, beautiful scenery, great hiking conditions, lovely friendly people... I had the best time exploring it. I said to the guides that by the end of the week my face was hurting as I'd been smiling so much. If the opportunity ever came up again I would love to come back to Norway and explore more of your amazing country, i really did fall in love with it. If I do Hvitserk would be top of my list.”
Review from guest who joined our Lofoten-tour in 2017

“We had an AMAZING time!  The guide was fantastic!!!  We loved every minute. Thank you for the best trip and most beautiful scenery ever!  We are definite Norway fans and hope to be back one day for another tour.”
Review from guest who joined our Trolltunga, Kjerag and Preikestolen-hike in 2017

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