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Trekking with Hurtigruten in Northern Norway

Join us on a week's trek with the Hurtigruten Coastal Express from Tromsø to Trondheim. We use the Hurtigruten ships as our means of transport and hotel, and hop off en route to do treks to some of Northern Norway's most beautiful mountains.

The Hurtigruten Coastal Express has often been referred to as the world's most beautiful sea voyage. On this week-long adventure tour, you will experience Northern Norway at its very best as we use the ships as our means of transport and hotel between the most beautiful destinations in the region! We start by trekking to the top of Tromsdalstinden and attending the Midnight Sun concert in the Arctic Cathedral before we take the Hurtigruten ship south to Lofoten. The tour takes us through Vesterålen, Raftsundet sound and the Trollfjord – three of the highlights on the tour along the Norwegian coast. In Lofoten, we trek to the top of Higravstinden, the highest mountain in the islands. Here, we also enjoy a fantastic fish dinner at Lofoten's nicest fish restaurant before we head south along the coast of Nordland.
We pick a suitable destination from among the famous Seven Sisters peaks along the beautiful coast of Helgeland. From the summit, we will hopefully be able to enjoy the view across many of the 12,000 islands that make up the coast of Helgeland. If not, we'll experience this magic archipelago up close when we take an express boat from Sandnessjøen out to the World Heritage island Vega. Because of its unique eiderdown industry and special coastal landscape, Vega is included on UNESCO's World Heritage List. Here, we will stay in a lovely fishing village and cycle and trek to the highest summit on the island.
If the group is interested, we can also organise a fishing tour and prepare the fish we have caught on the wharf.

Before we conclude the week's tour by taking the southbound Hurtigruten ship to Trondheim, we visit Torghatten – a destination that because of its unique geology means that we can actually walk through the mountain!

The tour starts in Tromsø, from where SAS and Norwegian operate flights to and from Oslo several times a day. The tour ends in Trondheim, from where SAS and Norwegian operate regular flights to Oslo and a number of other cities in Europe.

Day 1: Arrival in Tromsø

Spend the night at a hotel in the city. Eat dinner together at a fish restaurant, where we go through the programme for the trip.

Day 2: Trek to Tromsdalstind (1,238 metres)

Tromsdalstinden is the highest mountain that can be seen from Tromsø, and there are fantastic views from Tromsø's city mountains. The whole trek takes around seven hours. After the trip, we eat dinner in Tromsø and attend the midnight concert with the Hurtigruten guests in the Arctic Cathedral, one of Norway's most famous churches. We board the Hurtigruten ship before midnight and spend the night on board.

Day 3: Sailing on the Hurtigruten

We enjoy life on board the Hurtigruten ship as we sail through the islands of Vesterålen and Lofoten – including through Raftsundet sound and the Trollfjord, which many guests say are the highlights of the trip along the coast of Norway. We arrive at Svolvær in Lofoten in the evening and stay in a lovely, traditional rorbu.

Day 4: Lofoten's highest mountain

After a day's rest on board the Hurtigruten ship, we're ready for Lofoten's highest peak – Higravstinden (1,146 metres). We celebrate this ascent with dinner at Børsen restaurant in Svolvær, Lofoten's nicest fish restaurant, before we hop aboard the southbound Hurtigruten ship from Svolvær in the evening. We spend the night on board.

Day 5: Helgeland and the Seven Sisters

We spend the morning on board the ship, and we pass the Svartisen glacier, and the islands of Lovund and Træna before we arrive in Sandnessjøen at around midday. Our trek today is to Botnkrona (1,072 metres), the highest and most northerly summit among the beautiful and famous Seven Sisters peaks. The trek takes around five hours. After the trek, we take the express boat from Sandnessjøen through the beautiful archipelago along the coast of Helgeland to the World Heritage island of Vega. Vega is included on UNESCO's World Heritage List, and we spend the night in a traditional rorbu in the island's loveliest fishing village.

Day 6: Trek in the Midnight Sun

We decide when to set off on the trek to Gullsvågfjellet (725 metres) based on the weather forecast and the wishes of the group. We might spend the morning in the fishing village of Nes and go to the eider duck museum and learn about the background of the unique eiderdown industry that has given Vega World Heritage status. If the group is interested, we can also organise a fishing trip and prepare the fish we have caught on the wharf. The day's destination is Gullsvågfjellet and the trip up takes around five hours, including ten km of cycling. From the top, there are amazing views in all directions of the sea and the thousands of islands, and if the weather is fine, we organise the trek so that we can enjoy the Midnight Sun from the top. We guarantee an unforgettable experience! We stay in a traditional rorbu.

Day 7: Torghatten and the southbound Hurtigruten

Transport to Brønnøysund by express boat and a trek to Torghatten (258 metres). Torghatten, the mountain that has a hole right through it, is one of Norway's most photographed mountains. Our trek takes us right through the mountain and we will hear true as well as more dubious stories about the origin of this unique natural phenomenon. The trek takes about two to three hours. In Brønnøysund, we board the southbound Hurtigruten, eat a final dinner on board and experience the southern part of the coast of Nordland on our way to Trondheim. We spend the night on board.

Day 8: Trondheim and journey home

After a good night's sleep on board, the Hurtigruten ship docks in Trondheim. You can explore Norway's third biggest city, where, among other things, you can see the national treasure Nidaros Cathedral, which is Norway's best-known sacred building. Journey home.