Why choose us?

Undoubtedly, there are many quality providers out there, and the question we get the most is – why should I choose Hvitserk for my Norwegian holiday? Our short answer to this is – the Hvitserk experience.

For more than 30 years, Hvitserk has been the leading provider of expeditions and adventure travel in Norway. For us, a portfolio of authentic high-class trips is fundamental. Our office team and guides are handpicked, to ensure that we have local knowledge of all the destinations and cultures we visit. Simply put, our trips are a result of the places we love to visit, and activities that we love doing.

Other providers do certainly have trips in the same locations as us, but the Hvitserk experience is all about creating a unique frame around our trips. We believe that the best way of getting to understand cultures and experience cultures is through active participation in smaller groups.

We have both tried and failed, but, eventually, our experience has given us a fundament, crucial in the work of ensuring our guests' enjoyment. Safety is a crucial factor in the Hvitserk experience. Our trips are tailor-made and have undergone great scrutiny to ensure participants safety.

The backbone of Hvitserk is our guides. Finding guides with the right diploma, who held the right courses, and right practical experience is a demanding task. However, for Hvitserk the soft –social skills, are as important as the hard ­­– practical skills. With their invaluable knowledge, our guides make us proud, and we are proud to have them representing us. Last, but most important, is our fundamental love for nature, culture, travelling, and soft or hard adventures. All stemming from the peculiar Norwegian culture of Friluftsliv.

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