Why go with us?

Our office is in Oslo, the capital of Norway. We are 9 employees - all with local knowledge, outdoor experience and a deep love for our country. Along with the office we have 25-30 guides around Norway - ready to let you experience the beauty of Norway.

The northern lights, the midnight sun, high mountains and fjords. Norway is beautiful, and has nature experiences that we would urge as many people as possible to experience! Hvitserk is an incoming operator that offers active nature experiences throughout Norway for groups of foreign guests. Hvitserk has long experience of organising treks/skiing trips/expeditions and kayaking trips.
For foreign tourists who would like to experience Norway, we combine the best nature and cultural experiences into attractive packages and active journeys. All of our trips can be customised to the different wishes and skill levels of groups.

We emphasise high quality, but that does not mean that it has to be particularly expensive or very luxurious. It has to be natural and authentic. With our local knowledge and first-hand experience of the trips and accommodation sites, we can guarantee fantastic overall experiences.

We have skilled guides and employees who know Norway inside and out. We know where to go for the very best experiences.