What is Friluftsliv? It is fjords, mountains, and iconic viewpoints. Our appreciation for free nature, outdoor activities and beautiful scenery are so inbound that we have an own word for it!

While working as a guide in various parts of Norway, I have often experienced people's curiousity towards Norwegians connection to nature. Especially in day to day life I find people are fascinated by the kindergarten children, playing outside in seemingly harsh temperatures. So, where does our appreciation stem from? We must go back in time and look through history to understand it. More precisely, back to the era of industrialization.

Industrialization was about exploiting natural elements for production, therefore society gradually distanced itself from its natural origin. This detachment led to a rising romantic era criticizing the modern industrial society. Instead of embracing the industry, nature was emphasized. Within the same period, the young Norwegian national state blossomed. Independent from the Swedish and Danish sovereignty, our national identity was built upon traditional farming culture, the beauty of our nature and the heroic quests performed by polar conquers, such as Fridtjof Nansen and Roald Amundsen.

Ever since, Norwegians have conveyed this knowledge from one generation to the next, and continued to safely perform traditional and more modern forms of Friluftsliv in our beautiful nature. Friluftsliv is about  activities within nature, being outside, and breathing in the fresh and empowering air. We convey knowledge of Friluftsliv within our culture and families. We welcome our guests to interact and get in touch with nature the way we believe it should be experienced. Through various forms of Friluftsliv!

Spark your curiousity? Research it on Instagram or Google to understand the range of this cultural foundation to Norway. Or, come join us on one of our trips, and we will show it to you!